Where did the 29% of horsemeat in Tesco burgers come from?

From The Guardian, UK

Ten months after the horse meat scandal erupted, the Guardian’s award-winning author and investigative reporter Felicity Lawrence takes to the motorways of Europe to investigate the sick horses, the rotten meat, the convicted criminal, the alleged fraudster and the meat factories at the heart of the biggest food fraud of the century – and asks, why has no one been held to account?

Warning: Some viewers may find some images distressing

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  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The description of what has happened sounds like business as usual in the US and Canada. What these horse breeders would like to do is openly breed horses for slaughter and human consumption. That will never happen as long as the public continues to fight the slaughter of horses.

  2. Stop eating meat.

    1. GASafeHorses · ·


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