MP Atamanenko presents over 2000 signatures to Parliament for Bill C-322

MP Atamanenko

MP Atamanenko

When the House resumed last week MP Alex Atamanenko presented over 2000 Bill C-322 petition signatures in Parliament!  A BIG thank you to all of you who have signed and a plea for everyone to keep the petitions coming!  These petitions clearly tell the government how the voters feel about horse slaughter!

More info on petitions can be found here.

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  1. Judith Keene · ·

    Thank you to all the Canadian citizens that are protesting against the slaughter of our equines. A good share of our American horses end up in Canadian slaughter plants despite the fact that we are trying to get legislation passed to make it illegal to transport them outside the country for purposes of slaughter. I am so ashamed of our government, who does nothing to stop this horrible practice although most of our citizens are against it. Seems like everytime some of our legislatures come up with a bill to prevent this, it gets stuck in committee and never gets put on the floor for a vote! It like they think if they ignore the issue, it will just go away! I wish you all much better luck than we are having here in the states to put an end to this torture of our beautiful animals!

  2. · ·

    Great news!

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