Westwold slaughter plant protest draws good turnout

A protester's sign reads: Please Stop Killing Us. Photo by:  Jason Hewlett

A protester’s sign reads: Please Stop Killing Us.
Photo by: Jason Hewlett

Between 50 and 70 people took time from their busy lives to speak out for the horses in Westwold, BC.

You can read about the protest here and see video from the protest here.

The Globe and mail posted an article on the protest which you can read here.

And more media coverage here.


  1. jean robertson · ·

    Under the CFIA list of 5 federally registered meat establishments and their licensed operators, it shows KML as 1e and a 3x. The 1e is a license to butcher horses and the 3x is for boxings cutting red meat. They don’t seem to have a permit to export so where does the meat go? Was also wondering why the horses were shipped past Fort Macleod to be slaughtered in BC.

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  4. Marie Dean · ·

    Thank you all those wonderful horse welfare advocates that took our fight to the streets to help bring awareness to this barbaric industry and bring VOICE for the horse. I so wish I lived closer I would have loved to be there (heart and soul)!
    There is a solution and that is Bill C-322 which will end the slaughter of our horses. There will never be “humane” slaughter when it is in the hands of profit making companies and controlled by a government that does not protect our equine. Solutions are within horse welfare organizations; federations and associations, breeders and trainers; buyers and sellers, etc. Discussion within these groups is necessary. But with the slaughter option available many do not want to take the important steps to create and fund the tools and programs that would assist the unwanted/homeless horse.
    One day we will ALL work together for a better end of life option for the equine we love – I just hope that day will be soon!

    1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Agreed! Wish I could have been out there today too. I have relatives in B.C.
      Cranbrook Vancouver and Kamloops. A cousin of mine in Kamloops had no idea this
      re-newed KML house of horrors opened up to butcher horses into lunch meat.

  5. As much as I hate this,I don’t think it is realistic to think that you can stop it entirely.I would like to see them made to do it humanely.

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