From Horseracing Wrongs: Shedrow Secrets – Lou’s Expectation

Shedrow Secrets, Installment 6

Lou’s Expectation

By Joy Aten and Jo Anne Normile

The look of eagles. If you’ve been blessed to have seen it, it will never leave you. John Taintor Foote best describes this confident, proud expression worn by only the finest of Thoroughbred racehorses in his book The Look of Eagles. “About the head of a truly great horse there is an air of freedom unconquerable. The eyes seem to look on heights beyond our gaze. It is the look of a spirit that can soar…It is the birthright of eagles.”

These extraordinary Thoroughbreds are aware that they are something special, yet their “air of knowingness” is tempered with a quiet kindness. I had seen this look, although the sightings were very few and very far between. And I had often wondered about the broken-down horses we rescued from the track…those who possessed this “air of freedom unconquerable,” could it still shine through despite their broken bodies and wounded spirits? Then one balmy Saturday morning at Great Lakes Downs, I met Lou’s Expectation.

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  1. Donikash · ·

    The sooner horse racing kills itself the better.

    1. Mary Johnson · ·

      Amen to that! I would be overjoyed to see this sinister “sport” bite the dust!

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