Protest at the new B.C. equine slaughterhouse

A group of concerned citizens in BC are organizing a demonstration against the reopening of the KML slaughter plant in Westwold, BC:

“A date time and place has been chosen for our demonstration.

plant from roadSaturday October 19th, 2013. @ 11:00 a.m. We should all meet up at this time at the Elementary School parking lot which is past the slaughterhouse by a few kilometers and on your left hand side on a straight stretch in Westwold.  I believe there will be a cross road to park along that is closer to the plant but it is a good idea to talk first and then off we go to support our Canadian Horses!

Please spread the word and post if you can make it so we have an idea of how many are committed to coming. I will now promote the “Protest” page and see how many more people we can get interested in joining us.  Simple signs would be good to bring, so many Canadians have no idea that horses are being slaughtered so simple messages will be very effective. I will make up 10 or so extras to bring along.

First and foremost we are doing this for the horses of Canada and my hope is that this will be a peaceful demonstration with no verbal interaction between us and any pro-horse slaughter people that may harass us.  In my experience, arguing with them just lowers us to their level and takes away from the nobility of our cause. We will not change their minds in this kind of situation. Any comments of suggestions are appreciated.”

Please go to this Facebook page for more information.



  1. Pat Switzer · ·

    I was a willing participant at the Westwold equine slaughter house PROTEST, Saturday. My heart goes out to the equines who don’t have a voice, unless they’re crying during the ‘bolting’ process. If any of you think ‘I Love Horses’ then I challenge you to stand up for what is right. Thank you all who attended, especially the RCMP who kept us safe while protesting!

  2. Cat Jones · ·

    Horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, deer, elk, cattle, goats, sheep….whats the difference? I advocate against all slaughter. All have feelings, bleed, suffer ugly deaths because people support eating flesh. It is all how you were raised, love a dog, eat a horse, cow, chicken….. Animals are here with us, not for us to abuse, enslave, and murder for ones ‘taste’ for flesh. People like to separate animals calling them companion animals vs non companion animals. Just because they look different doesn’t mean they are different. WE are no different….we bleed too, are sentient. No such thing as ‘humane’ slaughter. Visit a horse slaughter house, vs a cattle slaughter house..,…. it is all the same.

    We are ALL earthlings. Pigs make great pets as do horses … dogs… cats. The orient loves to eat dogs and cats and make sure they suffer as much as possible before they die.

    Change your eating habits will lessen the demand for any flesh, whether it is a horse or a cow. Find your heart for ALL animals as all want to live, just like you and I.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      I agree Cat. Once I quit eating meat I never missed it,

  3. Make sure you have either snow tires or are carrying chains. Though it’s not snowing yet, this is a legal requirement for traveling Okanagan highways around the slaughter plant. The RCMP can turn you back from the protest, and fine you $120. Don’t give anyone an excuse to report peaceful protestors.

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  5. Michelle Carey · ·

    You are right when you say Canadians don’t know. I’m from the States and was with some Canadians a few weeks ago and told them how our horses end up there to be slaughtered and they couldn’t believe it. Most US citizens have no clue either. Maybe if more people knew it wouldn’t be so easy for the killbuyers and abbatoirs to get away with it… Keep up the good fight !!!

    1. Terry Jules · ·

      Information is always good ….I tell 10 people they tell …10 people and the circle gets bigger….Most people do not Know how old a Horse can live. With all the News …etc ..People tend to tune out …but love animal stories.

  6. Laureen · ·

    I wish I could attend, but I am in a different province. These people do not deserve to make a profit from the death of horses. It is just gross! These slaughtering plants sicken me no matter what animal it is. I do not understand how ANYONE can work at these places! I hope you can make a difference by holding this protest!!

  7. Terry Jules · ·

    There in Sprit and Prayers….Love wins over Hate…Continue 2 find Good Homes 4 the Horses.
    Love & Light

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  9. My heart and prayers with you and all the Horse Warriors, from the States. Canada is so progressive; it’s hard to believe its citizens will agree to this if they knew the truth of what happens.

  10. Rachael Bannister · ·

    I live in Georgia.But my heart is with you.We must fight the Good Fight everyday.To end the slaughter of our horses and other equine.May God hear our prayers and the touch the hearts of these cruel inhumane people in this world who are so blood thirsty and without care .

  11. I have notified Alex Atamanenko’s office this evening.

  12. Joy coldiron · ·

    I hope you get a lot of press coverage . Once more people understand what is happening to our horses, I’m sure they won’t stand for it. Good luck

  13. Kathryn Syssoloff · ·

    I’m many hundreds of kms away, but will be there with my husband. Please post the exact address for my GPS. Or, contact numbers in case we get lost. In solidarity!

  14. jean robertson · ·

    From what local farmers seem to think the slaughterhouse is not strictly for horses but mostly cattle and pigs. Does anyone know for certain? The protest is a good idea but not much time to pass the word around

  15. pattyhamilton · ·

    All you can do is fight this slaughter house for horses never to open its doors. This is not what your town needs. Good luck and wish you success in stopping this dirty business from opening. I live in Connecticut and if I lived closer I would be there to support the fight for these horses. God Bless.

  16. Heather · ·

    My spirit and prayers are with you from Ontario…hard to believe that this is happening in Alex Atamanenk’s province!! Hopefully he will come out to protest this monstrous death plant!! Has anyone contacted him to get his comments on a slaughter plant opening in BC?

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