Baby hugging horse - from Ellen DeGeneres showThe CHDC is excited to announce our 4th “Petition, Pin and Draw” promotion.  We are thrilled to be able to offer 4 PRIZES with this promotion.  Yes, 4 PRIZES to thank our supporters who are helping to save the horses!

Please go here for more information and forms.

The 4th Prize is a CHDC “Save Our Horses From Slaughter” Vehicle Plate Holder value $10 to reward an individual for gathering the MOST signatures.   We will be continuing this prize for the most signatures with each promotion “in honour” of Donna Portree, who in the 3rd promotion gathered over 2,000 signatures for the horses – that kind of effort deserves our gratitude and reward as well as a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Please note that those petitions received after the closing deadline for our campaign ending September 3rd will be entered into this draw.

Remember, you can send in as many petitions as you can gather signatures.  The more petitions you send in the more chances to win and the more attention is directed for our horses in our government.    

The most important action you can take is to support the petitioning drive.  MP Alex Atamanenko will be debating this bill soon, so please, do it now, the horses desperately need you to act on their behalf.  

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and dedication in gathering signatures and sending in these petitions!


  1. helen kritzinger · ·

    Please stop the unnecessary slaughter of these magnificent souls. They were not put on this earth for this purpose.

  2. Marie Dean · ·

    Mary-Joe, thank you so much for those wonderful prizes – you are a doll! Your generous ways are truly helping our horses. Thank You! Lv Marie

  3. Marie Dean · ·

    Donna submitted over 2,000 signatures – that is fantastic!! You are amazing Donna. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for the horses. Lv Marie

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