Justice Love’n Care Animal-Rescue needs your vote!

From Justice Love’n Care Animal-Rescue

I am trying to start a program for at-risk youth to come and learn skills working at our animal rescue, Justice Love ‘n Care Animal Rescue.image (1)  I need votes to be able to win up to $150,000 for funding so we can get this going!  I am really excited and ask that you check out my idea.

Voting starts today and you can vote every day for us (which would be awesome).  It literally takes 10 seconds to register, and I would really appreciate it.  Go to this link and hit VOTE.

It will prompt you to register.  Register through your Facebook account and then go back and vote.


Please share my link with your friends and family as well- post it to your status 🙂

My family and the rescue (funny farm) are moving November 1st where we’ll be 5 minutes outside of Kitchener.  We plan on having a huge BBQ.  We will let you know when it will be 🙂

Hope to see you there!


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