Fifth horse slaughter plant opens in Westwold, British Columbia

Horse 8 Day 2 looking backThe CHDC has learned today that a once listed federally registered horse slaughter plant in BC has re-opened under a new name.  KML Meat Processors Ltd. in Westwold, BC is now the fifth horse slaughter plant operating in Canada.

This plant was once listed under the name Medallion Meats, but that business closed and now KML owns the property and the business.   At this time, it is uknown who operates KML Meat Processors, or where the horses will be sourced from.   The CHDC will provide more information when it becomes available


  1. Tommy Lee · ·

    We may never change the mind set of Pro slaughter ignorance.. But one thing we can do is NOT put money in their pockets. Boycott Farm Bureau Insurance. Boycott any entities that profit off the abuse or neglect of any animals such as Rodeos. By not purchasing or dropping any Insurance policies with Farm Bureau will be less monies for them to fight us in congress. They have High paying lobbyist and lawyers too.

    They Attack HSUS and others but they don’t want you to realize or mention they do the same thing with AG, Farm Bureau, RFTV etc. The Massive media exposure they use to lie and protect themselves from losing profits..

    Yet MOST anti slaughter supporters are average caring responsible people who know the truth. The Beef Industry have even been known to attack Oprah with her speech to never eat a hamburger again.

    AG, Farm Bureau are they own worse enemy.. Wake up we can make you or break you..

    1. I am glad to know this because I did the same thing for related reasons. I’ve just changed insurance companies for my farm. Couldn’t stand the BS from the Farm Bureau which the company MADE you join if you wanted a discount. The very same “bureau” supported gas drilling “fracking” and the very same “bullies” wrote the same kinds of posts in any kind of forum they could find. They all say the same sort of things about those who want to save animals and the planet from cruelty and abuse and desecration of all the things that preserve the safety of our natural resources. In this instance, the horses are considered a “resource” that can be viciously violated and exploited for monetary gain. I’m glad to know someone identified the Farm Bureau bs as a reason to change companies. Love it!

  2. MartyUK · ·

    It’s because they know horse slaughter is wrong, and don’t like having a mirror put in front of themselves.

  3. If you are all about saving these animals, then what do you suggest happens to them?? They be turned out into the wild where they can be eaten by a mountain lion? Given to someone who will look after them for a few months till the novelty wares off and then they get neglected? What do you all suggest happens here…???

    1. Perfect reply!! Greedy useless few that in the end are the demise of everything good on this beautiful planet

      1. Glad to see this discourse continuing. It is only then that more people come on board and add their solutions and well founded opinions. Yes, it’s greed and uselessness which is at the bottom of all the support for slaughter no matter how you slice it. What I’ve noticed is that most of the pro-slaughter people are the ones who start the criticism of other people. They are the ones who START the name calling, the categorizing without enough information to know whom they are talking about, and the ones who START telling people what to do. If you want another name for them it’s “bullies”. They can’t find their way to finding solutions plus they don’t want to. So their first reflex is to name call and try to demean people who are focusing on the welfare of the animals and nothing else. This discussion is about helping the horses with evolved measures for their safety and for minimizing and eventually eradicating their exploitation. But the pro-slaughter people inevitably resort to insults showing how incapable they are of thinking this through and of doing what is right for the horses. That’s my take and it’s proven over and over again with other issues. There’s a mean spiritedness on the other side. It’s systemic.

      2. MartyUK · ·

        It’s because they know horse slaughter is wrong, and don’t like having a mirror put in front of themselves.

      3. Yes, I suppose that’s the sad truth.

  4. June Delitsikios · ·

    I am totally sickened to hear about the slaughter house in Westwold What on earth is wrong with these people to have any part of it ?

    1. they are the people that bring evil and darkness to this beautiful world full of light. They will be the end of all that is Good. I am thankful for one hope, Karma and their judgement day.

      1. Tish, I am so thankful for your perspective. It cultivates hope.

    2. Send your ‘comments’ to the local papers — Kamloops The Daily News & Kamloops this Week I believe there are many here that have NO IDEA about this.

  5. Marie Dean · ·

    To quote Kelly the first post, your words, “That horse can make a difference in another way. That horse can contribute for the greater good.” I certainly hope that you Kelly have filled out your donor card and that upon your death you can make a difference in another way; you can contribute for the greater good”! Or do you just expect that of others?
    It is sad and heartbreaking news to find out that more people in Canada will be killing the horse. The sorrow we all feel because of this news is creating much attention and debate in this blog article.
    To all of you that love and respect the horse and do not want to see it harmed in any way – I thank you for your kind comments. Starvation and neglect is a criminal act and an abuse to our horses which we all are offended by. Slaughter is a criminal act with an intention to cause harm but unfortunately it is legal? Does that make any sense?
    For those who are so uncaring and can actually admit that they want the horse slaughtered I am sorry you feel that way, it is very painful to hear. The word slaughter is not just death by man it is a manipulation of the body to produce a product, to produce meat. That is the problem with killing the horse through slaughter, it is not the thought of a homeless horse being euthanized; it is the thought of a horse having to endure the process of producing this meat from its body. There is meat welfare in this process, not animal welfare. That is why horse welfare advocates suffer so much through this industry because we know the horror that exists in this business. The horror of downer animals being processed, the horror of mares and foals being separated at the plant, the horror of still being alive and having your legs chopped off, the horror of seeing another pen mate being harmed, the horror of whips and punches and electric prods, the horror of the pain of a bolt or bullet to the head – the horror of betrayal by man. The production of meat is the main concern, the main aspect, in the business. And that is why we must all be sadden when we hear the word slaughter of any animal because we know that that animals life it not important, its flesh is the only important aspect, which is so shallow of us. And true horse lovers, know that the horse is important and deserves so much more than this cruel and terrifying end of life.
    This industry will always represent the ugly side of the human being; it will always be Canada’s shame!

    1. Your words touched me!!! Canada and Mexico are shameful countries!! Please cut an paste your response and send it to your premier! Nothing more despairing to know people could support the suffering torturous death. Betrayal to dignity beyond its meaning. For those who show dignity respect and integrity of the human spirit we need to press in to help save our animals!!!

      1. It touched me too. What is life without the passion for living? Without the passion for seeing the right thing done? I could feel Marie’s heart was in her statement. Thank-you Marie.

    2. jean robertson · ·

      Thanks Marie. If only there were more humans like you!

  6. I have owned, trained, and bred horses for almost 50 years. I have loved, hated, cried, bled, froze, broiled, and prayed for these animals. I have bred selectively and bought selectively. Some don’t always work out. For these people that believe horses are a pet and “magical” creatures, you need to wake up. A thousand + pound animal can KILL you. Yes they are loving and giving. I love horses but I am a realist. There needs to be slaughter to keep the population under control. If a person makes a few bucks then good for them. If you have a horse that is a killer what do you do. Sell him to some unsuspecting buyer. Have some sanctuary take in a horse that will hurt someone. Or can the owner make a few bucks instead of spending for a vet. That horse can make a difference in another way. That horse can contribute for the greater good. Feed someone or someones pets. Stop interfering in other peoples lives. Really. Let people make money, have a good job. Do something good for the communities. It can be regulated and humane.

    1. Regulated and humane. A lot of pro-slaughters already know that it is neither regulated nor humane. How do I know? Because they keep writing about how, “when slaughter returns, it will be humane and regulated.” So you mean it wasn`t already? If not, why not? “We’ll make it humane.” “We’ll regulate this or that.”

      Concerns about the lack of a humane slaughter process for equines are central to arguments against equine slaughter, and cannot be summarily dismissed simply because an industry association declares slaughter “humane.” And it doesn’t matter what the AQHA thinks – I wouldn’t believe them anyway. They’ve spent at least 30 years promoting halter horses that are of no use to those of us who use horses for pleasure or performance riding.

      Food safety should be taken seriously, if not by governments then certainly by the consumer. Food safety requires that certain protocols are followed with food animals from birth, quite unlike what happens with most privately owned horses. It’s immoral to promote an industry that conceals drug contamination and doesn’t make any effort to determine whether any horses are stolen. Just because you can’t eat it does not mean that you have wasted something! All biotic matter ultimately must be broken down into biochemical cycles – this includes all plant and animal life. The breakdown of biological matter is essential for perpetuation of the carbon/phosphorus/sulphur/oxygen/nitrogen cycles, without which life on earth would cease.

      There is nothing whatsoever unnatural or wasteful about microbes acting upon dead animal flesh – breaking it down into its constituent components; ultimately this is how soil is created and regenerated and our air is oxygenated. Everything alive is made from chemicals that are only borrowed from the earth. If you aren’t aware of this process then you really aren’t that connected to nature after all.

      1. Right on point with all Heather.

      2. Great comment…..needs to be submitted to any & all papers out here that will print it!!!!

    2. To say that a horse is a killer horse is like saying a dog is borned a killer dog.
      And that’s just bullshit. if you have a killer horse obviosly YOU can’t handle that horse and maybe shouldn’t own it, but maybe someone else who is better with horses can.
      My cousin has 2 horses who both is very special and one of them is very unpredictable, you must always be very careful with her and don’t pet her when she’s out in the pen because then she can kick you. But everybody that handles her knows that and respect her.
      She gets a bit stressed and hard ti handle if you’re riding out in the woods or something with someone else too. And I bet you would send this horse to slaughter and earn a few bucks. My cousin never will. And if the horse maybe get injured or something so bad you can’t do anything about it she will call on the vet and let him put her to sleep when she’s at home, feeling safe and loved. To let her go thru the horrible process and stress that comes with with slaughter is totally out of the question because her horses is her FRIENDS and not a tool!

      1. jean robertson · ·

        I guess you haven’t seen the videos showing dead and dying horses in the feedlot at Fort Macleod. The September’s issue of Saddle-Up magazine has photographs of dead horses in a Grand Forks, B.C. kill buyers feed lot. Neighbors have been trying to have the place cleaned up for years but to no avail. Basic care is not even given to these animals but the authorities could care less.

      2. the dead and dying you mention up in Ft. McLeod or wherever you said..what type of person do you think owns them? the grampa you never had and wished you did?..these are the types of human beings we need to stop…waste of air and space. These types of people should be outlawed from owning any animal. I would even question their reproducing.They are not normal. I would not want to live anywhere near such a person.

    3. Thanks, Kelly, for saying what needs to be said. I would rather see a horse go to slaughter than suffer neglect or starvation.

      1. I would guess you say the same for cats and dogs then?

      2. It’s really beyond me how people can profess to be “horse people” and express they “would rather see a horse go to slaughter” than suffer. How is it possible they don’t view slaughter as suffering? For a high sensitive like the animal that the horse is, biologically and mentally, anything it doesn’t understand and is forcefully submitted to is abuse and a cause of stress and suffering. Why can’t people like this reject slaughter as a solution? Is it that they are so limited or that they really don’t want the responsibility it takes to change the way things are? People pulling together can accomplish so much.

      3. Awesome!! So true!

      4. Oh and of course horses don’t suffer neglect at feedlot/slaughterhouses you really are ill informed.

      5. B.K. you do not deserve to own an animal. Simple.

    4. There are PLENTY of meat food sources and other food sources in America! No one in America is eating the horse and the majority of American citizens do not WANT to eat horse nor do they want them SLAUGHTERED in America!! Your comment about a “killer” horse is beyond the pale. So all horses going to slaughter are killers or somehow defective? THAT’S A LIE.

      1. Yes, it’s a lie. The rationale is just mind boggling.

    5. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Kelly’s thoughts?
      After 5 decades of me having bred unwanted horses, I’m awake now.
      Some gene pools just don’t always work out. Maybe Dosage Index or something.
      Oh well, Experiments. I’ll just keep ditching those to Slaughter. Whew! What a relief for me, a couple of bucks anyhow. Besides, I’m creating jobs. People respect that.

      1. Excuse me for not explaining myself better. People always take out of content and see what they want to see. Did I say I bred unwanted horses? No. I just said I bred horses. I have sold my horses to go homes or kept them. But sometimes there are horses (as I said earlier) are not safe or trainable. Not matter what or who you try. Do not tell me there is always a way. Until you have that experience you can not judge. You don’t know me except what I said one here.So I will try to be patient….

  7. Horserealist · ·

    Good…Now if the US could just get past the Citidiots and PETA Nazis we could have a humane way to get rid of the overpopulation of horses here that are starving and being dumped in public parks. There are too many horses, there are not enough homes, not enough responsible hore owners, not enough “rescues” to keep them all. There is no earthly reason not to butcher and sell horsemeat for people that choose to eat it. It’s lean, high protein, low fat meat that is being wasted because we can’t find a way to get past the people who don’t own horses, don’t know the first thing about them, and who are ignorant enough to believe the horror films put together by PETA and other horse welfare groups. Well I’ll tell you something, as someone who has owned andloved horses my whole long life…starvation or eing allowed to “die naturally” are much more cruel than a well placed shot with a captive bolt gun. If you don’t own a horse, then you have no skin in this fight and need to butt out…or better yet, go adopt a few crippled, heavy, or psychotic “rescue” horses, and you’ll soon change your tune.

    1. I have owned horses my whole life and I’m now in my early sixties. I started with 4-H, I don’t remember being taught about slaughter being the only solution to the whole problem we are talking about here. I still have my horses and tend to their needs daily with pleasure. I save for the day I might have to have them euthanized. I have been to sales where some unfortunate horses went to kill only because they were there, not because they were critically injured or “crazy”. You sound like you’ve been around long enough to know this. Anybody who thinks slaughter is the only solution is a black and white thinker who hasn’t evolved. Is that how you see the world? The solution is people owning up to their responsibility to an animal who has no other way to defend itself against being expendable. Think about what you’re saying. Other solutions cost time and money and that’s always what the problem is with people today, not enough time, not enough thought to dealing with end of life issues, not enough conscience.

    2. I’ve always wondered why the pros seem to own more than their share of psychotic horses. With every response from a pro-slaughter person, I get closer to my answer.

    3. Tommy Lee · ·

      You should be flapping them lips about Nazi’s. AQHA and other over breeder associations resemble them. Breed the Best Slaughter the Rest..

    4. Pro slaughter bullshit as usual!

    5. Hey Horserealist you can’t place a captive bolt gun easily on a flight animal whose thrashing they’re head to get away from it. As for implying the the films are unreal I can only assume you are probably a kill buyer as they constantly spout this kind of crap.

  8. How can any compassionate human being slaughter a horse, or even endorse this practice? If you have studied the logistics of horse slaughter, you know that there is no truly humane way to slaughter a horse for human, or even pet, consumption.

    Stopping overpopulation by killing instead of birth prevention is like a country banning human birth control, then walking into a mall and shooting random people to control human population. The only humans for which horse slaughter is beneficial are the heartless indiscriminate breeder, because it drives the price up for ‘good’ horses and the investors of the slaughter facility. Bottom line, it’s greed and profit over humane and, IMHO, civilized treatment of one of the Earth’s most magnificent creatures, who also just happen to be wonderful companions.

    1. Horserealist · ·

      Really? Do you own any horses? Have you ever been involved in equine rescue and rehab? Are you involved in law enforcement or animal control or any field that would give you ANY accurate perspective on the current situation? If not, then you should have no say in the matter, and I doubt you really know anything much about it. Go hug a tree or something. And FYI, there are of course humane ways to slaughter any animal, and horses are no exception…in fact captive bolt guns were the most humane way to euthanize livestock, including horses, for many many many years both in the UK and the US.

      1. I’d like to see you take a trip in a transport bound for slaughter. It’s not only the processing, it’s the way horses are treated to complete the process: overheating, freezing cold, no water, no safety measures, long hours in totally unfamiliar surroundings, scary noises, being trampled, prodded, pressure washed, in foreign countries, stabbed in the back to cut the central nervous system, drowned by hoses in their nostrils, dressed out while still conscious, maybe the “gun” if they’re lucky…sound like a trip you’d like to take?

    2. nicholas. · ·

      Think about this, you have a very ill horse who is on death path. You have to pay for your horse to be put down, and to dispose of their remains. Its a hard choice nomatter what feat. you think of. but this truly is a good thing, we need these to be open.

      1. I’ve had to have four aged horses put down over the past four years. Euthanasia and burial costs averaged $500.00 each. Over the course of their lives, that’s not even pennies a day. Not much for what they do for us. Ever hear of a piggy bank?

      2. Tommy Lee · ·

        No we don’t.. It costs us tax payers over 5 million a year to keep them operating plus Texas plants were never to have been open and operating but AG and Farm Bureau hid them and protected their illegal activity.

      3. I like you Tommy Lee are you cute? lol 🙂

      4. Then you need to put money aside for when that day comes, and be a RESPOSIBLE owner.

      5. the people that Exploit, Kill and look to kill any animal are what will end this world. All living things fear being beaten with clubs.
        All living things fear being put to death. You are a living thing.
        There is no other truth. And for those who want to make money from this, whether is in the form of disposal, race horses, low class breeders, irresponsible horse owners, criminals, abusers…and countries that eat their meat…there is nothing in this world that can convince a decent human being with morals, compassion’s and a true heart that can convince them otherwise. A hypocrite and evil doer and thinker are very similar. Here is a good read…
        People who find that personally killing an animal is too gruesome tend to believe that merely eating flesh does not implicate them in violence. But this opinion is shortsighted and unsupported by any valid spiritual authority. According to the law of karma, all those who are connected to the killing of an animal are liable – the person who gives permission for the killing, the person who kills, the person who helps, the person who purchases the meat, the person who cooks the flesh, and the person who eats it. (These six guilty parties are enumerated in the Manu-samhita, ancient India’s book of civic and religious codes.) In a court of law all those who conspire in a murder are considered responsible, especially the party who purchases the assassin’s services.
        There a millions of ways to solve the irresponsible horse/dog/cat owner/abuser….we just have to get off our lazy greedy asses and force our governments to take a stand. We need to change this world, or it will come to its gruesome and burning end soon. This is just a speck of sand..but it is the right thing to do…and intrinsically ALL GOOD People….know this. Yes you read it right, ones that do not support ending horse slaughter, dog slaughter, cat, and exploiting for furs and body are wrong and you are a corrupt and evil person. I would not trust you or want to know you, or have you in my life….ever. You are what makes this world be a horrible and full of hate that it is..I do not support your thoughts, nor will any good human being with morals and values. Please do not even attempt because we all know, there is only a few reasons that this continues and it has nothing to do with the words humane, compassion, or saving.

    3. To prove your argument: I sent a request to sign the petition banning the funding for wild horse roundups, slaughter, etc. and including better solutions, to my list of friends and acquaintances, one of which is a breeder known for being mercenary to the hilt. He was the only one who didn’t sign. Does that tell you something?

      1. I’ll sign your petition. And yes, I farmed for years, am familiar with the problem of too many horses and the number of starved, neglected souls but there needs to be huge changes made. I agree there is horrific treatment of farm stock and it shouldn’t be – as well as the limited vision of those in this sick ‘business’ and their blood lust kill mentality. All beings should be treated with respect. None should never have to endure the normal means of transport nor deal with the sick little pricks who always seem to be employed by slaughter houses. Stop breeding, stop pretending you are some kind of hot shot when you don’t have any money – horse are very expensive to keep and give the laws of abuse real teeth. Horse are hard to foster and re-home but no chance in hell do I agree with the disturbed methods of slaughter houses. The present methods used to transport, brutalize, terrorize, rape and abuse horses is inhumane and unacceptable. I know there’s a problem. Not wanting to see further suffering, a horse being patted and calm then a big bullet to assure immediate death is the only humane way I can see this. Giving needles is not the answer. Then transport the carcasses. The treatment of these beings we share the earth with is sick and those defending and perpetrating it are people who will never be allowed near my home, animals, children or grandchildren. Show some respect for the life that’s being taken. The cruelties involved in all animal slaughter are the divinations of some deeply disturbed individuals.

      2. Glad there are people like you around Sharon. Gives me hope.

  9. Anonymous · ·

    If you knew how far they have to travel you would want to open more plants

    1. Not surprised you’d want to be anonymous. The whole point is that they shouldn’t have to travel at all. Yes, the farther they’re trucked the higher the chances their welfare is compromised. More plants aren’t the answer. People doing the right thing is. Would you know about that?

      1. It is typically the back yard breeder or irresponsible animal owners that are pro slaughter. It has to be. Because as soon as it is stopped and governed correctly the abuse and negligence will subside and horses will once again be bought and sold and used in the noble manner they deserve . I do not believe feeding fat or over populated countries is what they deserve. It will be if you cannot afford to accommodate a humane disposal then you just will not own these beautiful animals, if you cannot breed and sell then you will close. There will be no other option to let animal abusers make money off these options. Not acceptable.. We are a rich educated and civilized country. We do not eat dogs or cats either why murder horses for those same countries?

      2. Tish- and others. Don’t JUST blame backyard breeders, blame the horse racing industry as well. It takes hundreds of racehorses bred to make one “winner” of the year. It is sad they have to travel hundreds of miles to end up at a slaughterhouse, but you have to stop the source of the problem- something we can never do. At least in America, we have better regulations for keeping things closer to humane in these situations. I have a rescue horse, and for that one I have taken in, 20 have followed in his place. The sanctuaries are full, so now you will see backyard horses starving to death. I love horses, but I have to stay logical. The bigger horse breeders/industries are going to continue breeding and there will be a surplus. I’d rather see them humanely euthanized and used than to be slowly starved. There will just be more slaughterhouses being opened in Mexico and Canada until we open the others here.

      3. I’ve rescued and re-homed too. You are right about much of what you said and therein lies the tragedy we now face. But people working together can change this. We need to get more people WANTING to find and help with better solutions.

      4. Anonymous · ·

        So you want them to have a slow painful death of starvation

      5. Starvation means criminal animal abuse!!’ Always the excuse for horse slaughter enthusiasts!! Abuse is abuse! These types of owners will never own animals again! No means or money do not deserve to own these noble animals stopping the slaughter will flush out all these types and with time things will recover and stabilize

      6. Jennifer you obviously have no knowledge, concept, or understanding of livestock transportation.

      7. Jennifer Canfield · ·

        If the only way you can argue against my point is to discredit my knowledge, I feel badly for you. I have been involved in the horse industry for most of my 62 years in one way or another. I know a lot about transport and how it serves many purposes. Because it is not humanly possible for you to have been everywhere and seen all things, I know that you have not witnessed the situations that I have. You shouldn’t limit yourself by making such assumptions. We’re all here to grow and learn. Try it. It’s a never ending process.

    2. I am very well aware of how far they travel. On top of that, cramming all those horses in that trailer causes horrible injuries which pretty much happens soon after they are loaded. So it really doesn’t make any f**king difference. All facets of the slaughter business is inhumane to horses and I want it to stop!

    3. Horserealist · ·

      You are so right! Don’t pay any attention to any of these people…they don’t know anything about horses other than they are “pretty” and they consider them “pets”. If any of them gave an actual crap about horse welfare they would be signing petitions to open plants all over, so that horses don’t have to be stressed by long transports, and exposed to poor methods in other countries…like Mexico for instance ( Often they don’t even take good care of the horses they use and ride)

      1. See I get your argument. I really do. But aren’t we better than this? Why is it so hard to imagine and design a plan for horses so that your solution would be the last thing people would want, not the first best alternative?

      2. because this person is a hypocrite! and when he sends me his dog, so i can transport it to china to feed the starving overpopulated areas….and have them fill it with cement so that it weighs more in the open market prior to sticking an electric prod up its ass…cause the meat tastes better when the animal dies a horrible scary high adrenalin death………we can then talk and listen to his side.

      3. Education plays a big part. How many people really know or want to know these things are happening? It’s like they’ve been programmed for self-gratification and the button for compassion, the sense of being one with all wasn’t pushed. Yes, they are somehow deficient if they can’t grasp that and make it better.

      4. Sue crane · ·

        To HorseRealist, the person who seems to think she has all the experience and all the knowledge necessary to boldly advocate for a cruel end for our equine companions.

        You have accused all anti-slaughter advocates of being ignorant, inexperienced and even being irresponsible horse owners. Since you asked, here’s my bio:

        I currently have 16 horses, most of which have been impounded as starved by local law enforcement and Dept of Agriculture.

        I am CIO of a non-profit, 501c horse rescue and relief organization and have personally rescued and rehabilitated dozens of starved horses. We also assist with feed and vet expenses for people who have fallen on hard times and cannot care for their own horse.

        I am 58 years old, and have owned horses all my life. In total, I have owned or cared for over 100 horses through the years. I also rescue cats and dogs, and have saved hundreds from euthanization and cruelty. I currently own and foster 9 dogs and 23 cats.

        My husband spends 12 hours a day/7 days a week managing our farm and caring for our animals while I work to earn a six figure income, all of which, with the exception of enough to pay our living expenses, is invested in caring for rescued horses, cats and dogs.

        And what is your background? What investment have you made in your cause?

        Good people make a difference in this world, and we do it while cruel people attempt to force us to lower our ethical standards. You will not succeed.

        If you would like to read about why the captive bolt is not humane for horses, please see the following link:

        You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I accept fondly the title of tree-hugger. I am following my personal sense of what is right, and refuse to endorse cruelty because it’s the easy way out.

        I am at peace with my decision and my mission. I can sleep well at night knowing I live my values in everything I do. Your venemous posts are indication that you have not achieved peace in your life.

      5. you really are a sick person horse realist…you need help. Go find treatment. Go get some form of education, then maybe a decent job will come your way and you wont have to grovel by killing horses…you are why this world has become an ugly and horrible place. And when people like you are stopped and or controlled or imprisoned we can get our world and environment back to its true beauty and health. You are a pathetic waste of a precious human soul.You are fighting to kill something…think about it? honestly..please do not reproduce.

      6. Amen, tish! It renews my faith in the human spirit to know you and others like yourself.

    4. Tommy Lee · ·

      I know how far they travel yet even before the closure of illegally operating plants were shut down traveling south or north of the US was still going on.. SURPRISE..

  10. the famous Douglas lake ranch fattens up a few of their old horses n sends them to slaughter every year. There are also a few meat horse breeders in the Douglas lake area.

  11. How often will this place be checked for stolen horses way out here in our once beautiful valley????

  12. Celtichorse · ·

    If there were as many back yard breeders there wouldn’t be so many unwanted horses. I am not saying this is the only reason however, it would be a start to stop back yard breeding and line breeding for the sake of a couple of $$ to sell the foal or horse at the auction.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      The big ranches with thousands of acres breed by the hundreds as compared to the back yard breeders who have only room for a few. Licensing will not work because they will never be enforced. The fact that dog food companies will not use horse meat in their product should be enough to convince the government and the CFIA to not provide the human population with drug contaminated food.

      1. Horserealist · ·

        Horsemeat is no longer used in dog food because (ignorant) people didn’t want to buy it assuming that all horsemeat came from “wild horses”, when in fact most came from auctions where the lame, crazy and useless went because there was no other way of getting rid of them. Horsemeat is AN EXCEPTIONALLY HEALTHY food for both dogs and humans…low fat, high protein, cheaper than beef or pork and sustainable on pasturage. There is NO logical reason it should not be eaten, and as for contaminated? That is largely a fallacy, since, even with veterinary assisted euthanasia, the amount of pentabarbitol that is injected into a horse before it dies is only about 100ml, and because it stops the heart very rapidly, it is not widely disseminated into the meat. There is much more drug contamination in all three of the traditional meat sources, as well as lots of really nasty pathogens that have become antibiotic resistant. Like most anti-slaughter people, you are clueless and working on emotion rather than facts or logic.

      2. For some reason I can’t respond to your comment, Horserealist.

        I’m not arguing against you, though I find your responses a little extreme for the topic (it seems any time this comes up, you get heated passion from either side, and more name calling than education)

        I don’t think I could agree with a euthanasia that stops the heart first, and the only one that stops the brain first is so toxic that the meat really is not safe for consumption, so I’m going to have to debunk that using a drug that stops the heart first is humane. It’s like putting a horse through a heart attack they cannot react to.

      3. Horses are heavily sedated before being given pentobarbitol. They are unaware that they are having a heart attack, and the heart stops first, followed by brain death.

  13. Horse slaughter is so disgusting!! If you no longer want your horse or if he/she is old and depilated, don’t sent it to slaughter just to make a buck.. If you truly love your companion, do the humane thing and have your vet euthanize him.. Don’t subject this animal to the stress and the unknown of travelling in a cramped truck where they could get trampled , broken bones, abrasions, etc.. Be with him/her until the last moment talking and comforting them and letting them know you love them.

    1. It isn’t the old ad dilapidated that go to slaughter. It is due to over population…..plain and simple

    2. Horserealist · ·

      That’s all fine and dandy as long as you can afford a $200-400.00 vet bill for euthing a horse, and another $150-300.00 fee for the rendering company to pick up the carcass. Of maybe backhoe rental to bury Ginger in the backyard, where she can contaminate water sources? Not that that’s legal in most areas….If not, then what do you do? Allow Ginger to suffer until she “dies naturally”? Stop feeding Ginger because you don’t use her anymore, or even like her that much? Drop he off in a public park and let he become someone elses problem? Try to find a “rescue” to take responsibility for her? That’s the problem with all you anti- slaughter people…all wind, but seriously lacking in ANY good alternatives. Anyway, most people who own and love an aging horse are intelligent enough to have planned for that day and to make the right decisions, and those old horses are far from the majority of horses that wind up at slaughter.

      1. If you can afford rent, insurance, board, tack, farrier bills, vet bills, food for yourself, a case of beer etc. etc. etc., then you can afford to have a horse humanely euthanized. How do you explain disposal of the hundreds of thousands of horses who are humanely euthanized every year? Obviously, their remains are disposed of according to local laws.

      2. OMG, I laugh out loud on the person saying, have to have 200 for euthanize, 150 for rendering…are you FRIGGEN serious? DO NOT BUY A HORSE THEN????? I am appauled by the lazy stunned mentallity of these people…do you euthanize your dog and cat or do you just shoot them too? if you answer yes, well that would explain the person you are and what you should not own…and it would be considered abuse and you could be charged…animals are not disposable…none should be……if you cannot respect the pleasure of their presence and afford them, do not try to make a quick buck off murdering them because you lack the means to be a supportive productive and humane human being. Life is not easy..

      3. Don’t you ever wonder about all the humans who are preserved with formaldehyde and then buried? Do you think perhaps there are water contamination issues with some of those practices? 9/10ths of all horses that die every year are humanely euthanized, so if you are convinced they are polluting ground water, please provide some studies to support that contention.

      4. Thanks, I guess I’m one of the more “intelligent ones.” I do plan. I does cost money, but I willingly give up other things in order to do what I consider the “right” thing. The way I see it is that humanity owes horses a great debt. Centuries long. I’m not here to preach. I just feel this in my heart. I struggled a long time to have my horses. Over my lifetime I’ve had over forty. Have I always done the right thing…no. But I’ve grown in awareness over the years, thankfully. I wish I’d known then what I know now. I struggle now to keep and support them into their old age. They have a good life and I can honestly say we enjoy and respect each other. I think it’s just my way of paying it back. I also do what I can to adopt and re-home with some good success. I am not a radical, only some one who have lived and learned…still learning.

  14. Westworld is now a place where I will never want to live. Horsemeat is put into all sorts of processed meat and I’m sure that all of you have eaten it somewhere. IKEAs little meatballs, frozen lasagne … Italian restaurants. Go vegan it is so much easier and healthier.

    1. Why do Italians come into play?

  15. The reason this is a plausible industry is because there are no really solid solutions to unwanted horses. Centuries of thinking that horses are expendable and disposable are making it almost impossible to change the mindset. Indiscriminate breeding practices and commercial exploitation only help to support this conundrum. I say horse ownership should be licensed for a relatively small fee to be diverted to humane euthanasia when there are no other options. And certification of license should only be allowed much the same way as for a driver’s license, gun license, fishing license, auto ownership, etc. Knowledge of care and safety should be prerequisites. Responsibility should be accounted for. Sound crazy? Not so much if you consider all the other pursuits that require licenses. Here we’re dealing with a living breathing high sensitive empath who has given its life over to whatever mankind contrives to be its purpose, the rush for gold, the building of empires, even conquest of other civilizations. Is this really so much to ask to end this neanderthal practice? I’ve had people like farriers say they don’t want more government intrusion. Really, not even if it means saving the horses from unimaginable cruelty and abuse during transport and processing? Really? Not even if it means keeping their “bread and butter? Really?
    We need to get this dialogue going.

    1. Christine · ·

      Well said!

    2. Jennifer Stefik · ·

      Jennifer some of your ideas are good. Too many people buy a horse out of a fancy and don’t realize the amount of money and care that goes into them. When it’s time to give up the horse because they are can’t afford the costs and unforeseen lamenesses, or for what ever reason, perhaps the selling market is poor and the horse ends up on the meat wagon. I don’t think licensing is going to stop such a thing from happening though. People will buy licenses and the same will still happen. What I believe needs to happen is a change of attitude toward euthanasia. I believe there is a lot of guilt attached to that decision and that’s how a lot of horses get on the meat truck over time. Euthanasia may have been a more logical choice given the age of a horse and it’s condition rather than fooling oneself that the perfect owner will be out there to save the day.

      1. I also agree with you. The “what if’s” are endless. There is no perfect solution. My thinking, however, was to catch as many as possible, to make people stop and think, and to divert funds from licensing to helping those who might then consider humane euthanasia (those who feel conflicted about it and opt for just sending the horse to the killers) only if it is appropriate for the circumstance. This is a very complicated issue and I have no illusions.

    3. Alessandra · ·

      Brilliantly stated.

    4. If you require a license to own a horse where does it stop? A license to ride a horse, to pet a horse. How about a license to have children, why not we will use the money from the child bearing license to pay for schools, lunches, medical and retirment homes. I own 14 head of horses all are carred for all are loved. Do I beleive in eating horse meat no I have not nor will I ever knowingly eat it. However I do not feel it is my place to tell someone they cannot eat it. That is their choice. Thats liek saying you cannot eat a cow becasue it gives us milk, or you cannot eat a chicken because it gives us eggs. Everything in this world has a place and a time. I love my horses all of them. I would never want to see them abused. But for you to say there is no true humane way to kill a horse. BS you people have gotten your information from YOUTUBE for far to long. I would rather see a horse sent to a canning facility than to see it starve. I am seeing that every day. Horse slaughter as you so eloquently put it is the humane way. I have spent my life learning about horses. So don’t think you can preach to me about it. I know more about their physiology than 95% of you. I know what makes them tick, how they work, how they think. I am not some back yard breeder, I am not a breeder at all. I know their capabilities. I don’t do it because I am heartless or greedy. I do it becasue I care, I do it because they deserve a release from the pain. Do I think raising horses just for meat is right. Hell No The horse is the only perfect animal out there. Yes I know my spelling, grammer and punctuation bad in this. I am just so pissed off that you people think that you are so much better than everone else. Grow up stop thinking of yourself for a change. You love your horse great. But don’t dare tell me that I have to have a License to own mine. I can say with 100% certainty I am far more qualified than You are!

      1. I think you are needlessly making this about you. This is about the horses. No one is suggesting that licensing should go as far as the ridiculous things you fear. It was only a thought, a possible solution to divert the revenue to those who say they can’t afford euthanasia. If you care as much as you say you do, I would think you could find better solutions too. Mine are not the end all be all. And I have no desire to start comparing our background or experience with horses. For you I would think that’s a slippery slope. No one is challenging your knowledge.

      2. yes we should license everything..for sure…way too many idiots out there that don’t give a rats ass about life, in any respect. …anyone that wants an animal to suffer slaughter over starving has a screw loose….starving can be fixed, slaughter cannot. That is why we need to license…to control people and thoughts like yours. You should not be entitled to own any animal with the attitude you have. Simple. You are the type that think they know it all and that if you can get away with shoving it under the carpet so that you can benefit without consequences you will. You are a genuine Hypocrite. ALl you have to do it hit them where it counts…their pocket book…and BAM…hypocrites surface like flies to shit!

      3. Hey B all I can say is I feel sorry for any horses you may own, but i’m guessing your in the camp of “I’d never send one of mine to slaughter” but it’s okay for everyone else’s.

    5. Horserealist · ·

      What we need is a way to assure that humane transport rules are enforced, and good handling practices at the slaughter yard are also taught and enforced. Humane processing is possible, and furthermore slaughter is an unfortunate reality and it has to happen. Look at the mess on our side of the border…horses being starved because forage and grain prices have gone through the roof, horses being dumped in public parks, horses being neglected, shot at in unsuccessful attempts to kill them, dropped off and abandoned at auctions . If you think slaughter is cruel, just work in equine rescue for awhile, and you’ll understand what true cruelty is, and usually it’s at the hands of someone who professes to “love horses” but who is under informed, underfunded and working on emotion. This is what needs to stop…not slaughter.

      1. I get this too. I totally understand your points here. Well taken.

    6. This brings another huge question to play, however. And it is part of this necessary dialogue that should be started.

      The only euthanasia that works on horses, without causing additional pain and suffering (ie. heart attack, seizure, etc.) is incredibly and highly toxic, and nothing should ever consume meat from a horse who has undergone said euthanasia. That means, instead of being slaughtered with the meat going to a purpose, these carcasses are now so poisonous, that disposal has now become a huge concern. The best working chemical for euthanasia (Barbiturates) is dangerous to ingest, and there are a lot of scavengers who would otherwise be eating that meat if it was not disposed of properly, which would create a huge problem in the ecosystem.

      I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, neither am I taking a side, but it really is not as easy as giving a horse a lethal injection and forgetting the issue. There are so many complications associated with this such as the cost of the drug, a safe facility to administer it because that horse is going to fall and could injure people, as well as the time and certification it takes to do so, because to the best of my knowledge a vet MUST be certified in order to administer it. Research also indicates that any carcasses with traces of barbiturates MUST be disposed of safely and properly. This is not a small house pet you can bury in your back yard, this is a twelve hundred pound plus animal.

      Also, it is a cultural norm in our country to view horse slaughter as wrong, but in many other countries even though horses have their uses, they are at face value, livestock. It is not just overpopulation, but also the demand for horse meat that ensures this market will not go away because it is often a healthier alternative, and in many places it is also more affordable.

      These are just a few of the things that I think need to be fully considered in this debate, but often go ignored. Until we find solutions for demand and safe disposal, as well as (and the points have already been made) production of new horses, how can you even begin to tackle these problems? How can you even begin proposing alternatives without considering the impacts and implications? It is not nearly as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

      1. then open up acres of land for burial…charge for pick up and removal and disposal…make money that way….we incinerate ourselves and bury ourselves…our world is coming to a end in many forms…we need to start making choices to protect for the future, that does not involve killing and eating and destroying everything and all simply because we are idiots and cannot stop our greedy purging ways? lets start making the positive and correct decisions on how to maintain and control and govern animals and perhaps human kind…most of those countries are so poor and overpopulated that they will eat just about anything…….is that what we are and want?

      2. Most groundwater pollutants are created by industrial facilities, power stations, motor vehicles, and agriculture. Farmyard waste, created by, you know, people working in “the industry” is one of the biggest culprits. So while people working in “the industry” are creating the majority of agricultural pollutants, they want to pass the blame for pollution of ground water to those 90% of horse owners who are euthanizing their animals? Barbiturates have been used in humans since the 60s as well as in veterinary drugs. They are highly stable and take considerable time to degrade in the environment, which means that drugs passed through urine and wastewater plants (which can’t capture it) and dumped by pharmaceutical companies will remain in our environment as a contaminant for centuries, in both surface and groundwater.

        The fact is that most barbiturates were used in humans as hypnotics, anesthetics, anticonvulsants, sedatives, and antiepileptics, and NOT in horses. Obviously, landfills should not be located next to aquafers and companies should not use landfills to dispose of pharmaceutical waste. It’s also inappropriate to euthanize an animal and then leave it lying in a field where it can be predated upon. Of course, we have more regulations about disposal of drugs now, but it certainly doesn’t mitigate the damages that have been done 50 years ago.

        Another question I frequently ask of pro-slaughters (you can cue the crickets, because I’ve not gotten an answer yet) is why they’re not outraged about human burial. Not that we have much of a choice. But most people are preserved in formaldehyde prior to burial, then placed in hermetically sealed coffins. No state or province in North America requires the “routine” embalming of bodies, although there are some exceptions. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. Although we are burying more people than horses, the ability of embalming fluid to contaminate soil or water tables has not been studied thoroughly. So claims that horses are polluting the environment seem rather extraordinary, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      3. Tish…

        Do you not realize how toxic I just said that carcass would be? So we should poison our landscapes too? And so we should have plants set up that burn these carcasses instead? Instead of shooting down something that I think is important to discuss, why don’t you use your passion to think of plausible solutions?

      4. read the comments on pharmaceuticals…and everything else us idiot humans are ok with burying, placing in our water system or piping or so forth….who gives a rats ass about it…we bury people, we bury garbage, we bury toxins and you worry about a horse carcass cause all your care about is murdering horses? I mean seriously…give your head a shake…this is your big soap box? the world is in crisis and you care about how toxic horses are to bury? seriously now lol

      5. Heather,

        All fair points, but holy crap don’t put words in myself. I stated myself, I am not arguing either side. I wanted to start a discussion. Maybe progress is such a hard thing because everyone is so quick to take extremes, that nobody is willing to lay down name calling and hateful arguments to actually put their passion to work.

      6. Tish,

        From a logical stand point, I can’t even find any relevance in your comment. So, it’s okay to just continue environmentally harmful practices because hey, we’re already doing it?

        Wow… Thank you for reminding me why I usually make a point to stay away from these conversations. I respectfully withdraw.

      7. you are saying horse bodies are worse than pharmaceuticals and toxins and pollutants and chemicals|? you are a joke…please withdraw…go eat your dog! please , toxic to the ground..should not be buried or burned…ridiculous…

      8. and from one last as you say…logical point….where do you think and what do they do with all the blood and guts after they butcher them? …..environmentally correct and answer please..thanks

      9. Allison · ·

        Why don’t you even mention cremation as an option? I would have my horse humanely euthanized and then cremated. It really doesn’t cost that much either and you make it seem like it’s so extremely expensive and impossible to do.

        Horse slaughter costs us millions! Tax paying dollars are going towards something most of the general public doesn’t even know about. That’s not right. Nothing about horse slaughter is right. I hate how all you pro-slaughter idiots always try to make up excuses for slaughter. It’s not right. Period. Horses are cared for as pets and not meat animals – they are vaccinated, medicated and sprayed with toxic substances all of which should never enter the food chain. If you don’t care about the abuse horses suffer going through the slaughter process then maybe you should at the very least care for the welfare of human beings eating toxic meat.

    7. Horse licensing but more importantly licensed breeding. Breeders must pay for each foal, puppy, cat, bird etc. they produce. This will dramatically change the landscape. If one imports from another province etc then this fee will be charged when the animal is licensed. Provincial Licensing program could not only have an impact on overpopulation of horses, dogs, & cats but it could also improve the end product. I mean really racing horses are not great recreational horses and how many ill-bred dogs, cats, birds are out there. This is also a consumer problem. Not to mention all the public money that go into the inspection of slaughter houses etc. Why can we not move forward and start these programs. Breeding animals is not a right.

  16. The look in that horses eye will haunt me forever.

  17. Dennis Davey · ·

    The movement to ban this horrific industry is definitely not aggressive enough. EG..
    Peacefull protest on Parliament Hill ,Auctions and slaughter plants. Media attention is the KEY to reach ALL Canadians.

    1. People are plain out stupid! this all has to do with U.S. Government really don’t care about how its going to affect people in other Countries. Most of these horses have been having medications threw most there lives. Not to mention, a lot of people are going to have health issues and new illnesses because no one reads! No human Consumption! Horses aren’t meant for a meal on a table. Most of your Canadians are going to keep this up. We need to Ban all slaughtering horses from all countries and U.S. we need to be focus on another animal that’s not exposed to medications and can cause human health at risk! people are just plain out dum dum!! I own several horses. Think I don’t know this stuff nor I haven’t read up on a lot of things. How about lets just go kill a wilderbeast instead. Because in reality of this all. Horses being History!

      1. Anthony Mullins · ·

        as much as I love Horses, the fact of the matter is that horse meat is leaner and better for you that cows meat.

      2. I would like to know where you get your facts and figures. I am a horse owner, I have had as many as 14 at a time and as little as 2 at a time my whole life. I have had very few of them on medication ever in their lives and certainly not even close or most of their lives. I think you need to look into your facts a little bit more before you post comments so that it is an educated factual reply. I am not saying your opinion is right or wrong, however before you state facts make sure they are valid and true. I also love horses and spend most of my days with them. I am very blessed. It has far more to do with far to many people breeding more horse then we have space, owners or jobs for. An over supply of them and for certain over breeding them irresponsibly. They have to do somewhere unfortunately. Start asking for more responsible actions on the other end. Petition breed registries to have more strict regulations on the horses they will allow to be registered, hopefully cutting down on the breeding. Bring in stricter regulations of horse care, horse husbandry, minimum requirements required to own an equine. Create more responsible owners. The meat facility is a solution to a problem far bigger than the slaughter of horses. This world needs to become more proactive in this situation instead of reactive. The ultimate problem begins with the over reproduction of the equine. As for medicated meat. Look into how beef is medicated. While beef is on finishing rations they ingest antibiotics daily to keep their liver healthy. Just for one example.

      3. Horserealist · ·

        Spell much? You are so completely off base on this subject, that it’s useless to even try to correct you…but just for starters, most horses are not on medication through their entire lives, but ( market) poultry, hogs and beef cattle are. People have eaten horse-meat for generations with no ill effects, and in fact it was commonly served to the troops in both world wars. People in many countries eat horse meat regularly and find it to be both healthy and palatable, and certainly “safe” for consumption. Just because you personally don’t want to eat horse-meat doesn’t mean it’s bad or that others shouldn’t…it is IN FACT healthier in many respects that Beef or Pork…so clearly you “don’t know this stuff nor (sic) I haven’t read up on it”. It’s obvious that you are a student of all things and a scholar, unfortunately one without spellchecker or experience using logic.

      4. lol what a individual. So adamant to kill innocent animals. Scary…isn’t that supposed to mean something?

  18. This is horrible! Because and until they stop slaughter of horses in Canada, we here in the USA arent going to be able to stop it either! As long as they keep taking our horses from the USA, there will always be a market, even though slaughter has remained outlawed here so far! This really helps set us back in our country! This is such a horrendous practice and i blame it all on the sickos that have to eat horsemeat!! How disgusting!

    1. Judith, you can write your State Rep and your President (and put pressure on both) to support the SAFE Act. If the Act becomes legislative law, horses & both countries will breathe a sigh of relief from the slaughter nightmare. USA people, pls write your STATE REPS every day and tell your friends to do the same to impliment the SAFE ACT. Just think of all the horses that you will be helping with one phone call to your state rep or your president!

    2. Horserealist · ·

      Yep…because of US shortsightedness and general emotionally driven stupidity, now horses have to travel to Canada to be humanely processed. Congratulation to you and your kind for making life that much more stressful for the unfortunates that have to go down that road. Good job! You and PETA should be proud. How many abused, starved or abandoned horses have you PERSONALLY taken in? Probably about as many as PETA has saved and found responsible homes for…in other words, none.

      1. i visualize you, i bet you are a horse meat buyer, no doubt living in a trailer on a ratty piece of property, not very educated and the only source of income is buying from the auction to make a buck…it is a sad state what the human civilization has come to. I feel for you. I send you lots of good karma so that you can change and become a decent human being. my condolences

      2. Judith Keene · ·

        Horserealist, Seems we had three plants operating in full capacity and there was still horses being brought over the boarders, so your argument doesnt work there! And i suppose you thought it was great that 37 beautiful useful riding horses just burned up in a trailer that caught fire on one of my local highways? I suppose you think its just fine that kill buyers stab out the eyes of horses that refuse to load or those that kick or fight? I suppose you think its just wonderful that the stock yards that are full of horses waiting to be trucked to slaughter are starved, or fed crappy rotten hay and go without water while being crammed into pens so tightly that they trample each other or fight and injure each other? Not to mention the horrors of how they are loaded onto those trucks! And the accidents that occur with those trucks full of horses. I suppose it doesnt matter to you that if a horse is rejected at the slaughter plants, the kill buyers just turn them loose in the wild to starve to death? And it sure doesnt matter to you if people are poisoned with drug tainted horsemeat! If you go to our FDA site, there are lists there of the drugs that are given to horses. There are over 53 drugs that are commonly used and all of them state on the package: NOT FOR USE IN HORSES INTENDED FOR FOOD! Why do you think our FDA puts those warnings on the packages? They dont do that unless the testing they do shows that the drugs are not safe for human consumption. And for your information, i am not a PETA person, in fact i belong to no animal rights group. As far as i can see, this kind of torture of handling horses to be slaughtered is no better than the starvation, neglect and abuse that some humans subject them to! I am 60 yrs old and have been a horse owner, trainer, rider all my life and i know that no horse, no matter what their condition, deserves to be treated like they are in the slaughter pipeline and i will never subject my horses to this horrible fate! I have a great degree of compassion for any animal. They are not just objects to use, abuse and throw away!

      3. He is a typical hypocrite they are all the same … Some sort of baggage as well these types are just not normal

      4. I think the “baggage” is the real problem here. Horses are not born with baggage. They come into the world innocent of all of mankind’s issues. Therefore, those who do not evolve past their own shortcomings tend to rationalize how it’s all right to do the wrong thing in a continuum of self-abuse, abuse of animals, apathy, self hate. They argue to the point of hating others because they know they’re wrong. Ending the life force, created by the Divine, without reason for survival, without honoring the life force that brought it forth is incomprehensible to those who cherish it. There is a divergence in humanity: those who get this and those who don’t. You can see is in the way we treat the planet with disregard for its future or around the world where people even use religion to justify gratuitous killing. Definitely emotionally and spiritually deficient. The horses, the animals we cherish, are just one example. Yet the right thing to do is persist in trying to look at the Divine in those very people and welcome the dialogue. It is the only way we can all heal and perhaps the only way horses will find their way out of this disregard for their welfare.

      5. Allison · ·

        To: Horserralist

        Why do you constantly make up excuses for slaughtering horses? Why are you fighting with people who care about horses? And by the way you obviously have no scientific evidence that horse meat is healthy for people. Are you trying to tell us no one vaccinates, deworms, medicates or puts fly spray on their horses? These are all toxic substances that should never enter the food chain. The meat is lean because horses actually get exercise because they aren’t crammed into feedlots like most other ‘meat’ animals…because they aren’t raised for meat!

        Did you know that with all the money we put into horse slaughter (tax dollars!) that we could most definitely open a large scale rescue to care for and re-home them?

        Stop making up excuses. Stop trying to seem like you know absolutely everything. Want to list your credentials again? You own and breed horses. Yeah well I have a bachelor of science degree majoring in environmental science. I own horses but do NOT and would never breed. I have studied veterinary medicine and I am a certified veterinary assistant. Oh and I work for the largest pet insurance in Canada. You think maybe I know more than you? Yeah I’m thinking so! Did you know you are 100% wrong about every comment you have posted on here…I don’t even know where to start.

        Slaughter is not the only option and shouldn’t even be an option for the disposal of horses. Pets aren’t disposable. If we have too many pets there should be a ban on breeding. It makes the most sense. All unwanted pets could find homes. It is possible and I will continue fighting until it happens.

        Every time you breed a horse it adds to the problem. Even if it finds a home because this removes a home for an unwanted horse. Anyone that is breeding at a time like this should be ashamed.

      6. Thank you!! He is nothing but a greedy bully hypocrite!! You rock Allison! Please someone post this information in the Kamloops newspaper and globally!’

    1. Tish, the link brings this error code “Error code: The campaign is either invalid or could not be found” 😦

  19. jean robertson · ·

    Really bad news. Horses are selling for next to nothing on the hoof. All the other animals and poultry are high priced because of feed costs. Cheap meat mixed in with the high priced product will increase the profit margin. It is unbelievable how many people in Canada are unaware that horses are butchered for meat. They still think they are used for dogfood.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      Under Help Wanted on B.C. he is advertising for meat cutter/butchers to slaughter livestock.

  20. pattyhamilton · ·

    This is not good news. Very sad.

  21. Where is a petition to sign to put an end to this barbaric practice? I’ll sign. In a heartbeat. And I am pretty sure I can help get more signatures. Just complaining about it will do nothing. It needs to be confronted at the highest levels of government.

    1. Hello, Colleen. Thank you for your comments. Information on petitions can be found here.
      Only petitions completed with original signatures and addresses are admissible in Parliament. While online petitions are great and easy to do they do not get the message right in front of the MPs, only the original signature ones do as they are read out right in Parliament.

    2. Colleen, we can also change the fate for many horses if you and your friends sign this petition as well (share, share, share!) 🙂

  22. Anne Streeter · ·

    Very depressing news!

  23. Frosty Smith · ·

    Really sad news 😦

  24. 1e is horses … 3x means red meat..

  25. It is the government that has the power to stop this. They absolutely do not care for animals here in Canada until people get sick because horses take medications the ones that are not wild. And this is totally toxic to humans but until something big happens governments just do nothing.

    1. Horserealist · ·

      Do you have any facts to support your claims? No? You actually can’t because your claims have no basis in facts. Good oversight is all that’s needed to make horse meat perfectly safe for human consumption, and that oversight is already in place. Horse-meat is safe, healthy and a good protein source, and most of it is less tainted with antibiotic and other “residues” tha beef, pork or poultry , and much less likely to carry antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Get your facts straight, and use your brain rather than your emotions…there are too many horses and not enough places for them to go.

      1. i read what you write and its rather funny, there are not too many horses, there are too many irresponsible and or breeders. They can be stopped when this does…it is not rocket science…still want your dog though. lol

      2. Love your view and your humor Tish!

      3. too, what it all boils down to is Hypocrites….most people that are cruel and or greedy are hypocrites…and all you have to do is..present what you know them to fail at and boom…solved. It is like this in most aspects of life. Integrity….it is not something that most human beings possess..greed, waste, disposal, laziness, hypocrites, I mean the list of what their tactics are in the dictionary are long and endless with guilt

      4. Well said Tish and I’ve encountered it in other issues too. I’m thankful for people like you who call it what it is. I guess I always allow that some one could change and grasp the concept of compassion that does not require tearing others down. Calling it what it is clears the air.

  26. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I looked at the listing and the 1E looks like pigs the 3x matches all of the horse slaughter plants. So I wonder if they will be butchering hogs if they can’t get enough horses? Talk about cross contamination.

  27. Tommy Lee · ·

    1E means Swine not horses 3X means poultry.. There is something else still missing in the abbreviations.

    1. Tommy Lee · ·

      Sorry Not poultry but read meat…

      1. Tommy Lee · ·

        Gosh I need Glasses disregard all above.

  28. This is barbaric! Boycott all red meat and all Canadian restaurants and meat counters!!

  29. Darlene Ranger · ·

    makes me sick.

  30. morgansinkc · ·

    This is very disheartening. We do not eat horses! They are our friends and companions.

    1. Horserealist · ·

      Speak for yourself. our opinions are not necessarily held by everyone else on the planet, nor should they be. Hindus feel the same way about cattle, but that doesn’t stop you from eating a big fat steak does it?!

      1. then move to a country that eats horse meat…this country does not….just saying! hand over your dog…heard they taste amazing!

      2. No, but it’s not our obligation to provide them with horsemeat. Ask yourself whether we have an obligation to avoid negligence or breach of duty? Do we have a duty or obligation to protect people, even if they do not live in North America, from eating something they shouldn’t eat, or something they don’t know they are eating? We also have a legal liability in many cases, even if the person assumes harm – these are basic consumer protection laws. There is a branch of law referred to as “product liability.” In the US and Canada the claims most commonly associated with product liability are negligence, liability, and breach of warranty claims. Even if there is no negligence, i.e.- insufficient or faulty testing, public policy demands that responsibility be fixed wherever it will most effectively reduce the hazards. The CFIA and Agriculture Canada and their counterparts in the US, can anticipate some hazards in the form of drug or parasitic contamination, and guard against the recurrence of others, while the public cannot.

  31. Would this be of help? KML Meat Processors Ltd. Jurg Mueller 1-250-375-2388 Westwold, B.C. Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 21:47:10 +0000 To:

    1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

      Who is the breeze email addy at the bottom?

      This makes me sick, and the photo of the poor horses w the box of halters in the background. Just shows they’re pets, you don’t see boxes of halters at tbe bovine s h’s.
      Next it will be boxes of dog collars.

      1. Hi Marilyn..i posted info from my email and it added my email addy. I had no idea that it did that.

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