Canadian Horse Defence Coalition releases Access to Information Act Documents – Biological hazards and food safety concerns revealed at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation

ati-imageBiological hazards and food safety concerns revealed at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation, Quebec horse slaughter plant is exposed by the CHDC.

Access to Information documents reveal violations of Canada food safety rules.

Read further in this report.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    For the CHDC to obtain this disturbing information is fantastic. However the importance of MEDIA ATTENTION cannot be overstated. Spokes persons for the CHDC need to bring this to the attention of news outlets EG. TV and Print[ Mary Ormsby] an investigative reporter for the Toronto Star who has been following this shamefull industry and writing about it.

    1. Marie Dean · ·

      I agree 100% Dennis and the CHDC does try to reach out to media to get more coverage on this disturbing industry. If we could get the assistance of our supporters as well to send this information out to the media, the CHDC would certainly intervene if there was any interest in discussing this subject from any media source. So, please supporters, do what you can and email if you have any bites. Thank You!

  2. via/ -> “At the end of the horse slaughter, inspectors noted that the
    evisceration room was not cleaned between [the slaughter of] horses
    and other species.
    After their return of the lunch break, the inspectors noted that the
    slaughter of cattle had started but the evisceration room had not been
    flushed properly and that equipment such as the saw to split the
    breasts and areas of contact such as the edges of the lifts were
    covered with blood (minimal presence, but visible to the naked eye,
    see reference pictures). The green bins containing the horses’ tails
    are still on the slaughterhouse floor. <-

    How lovely!! Why is this happening?? ……;(
    One solution to all this mess is Bill C322. Will we ever be heard!

    Tks for sharing

  3. Maybe all the retail outlets who buy from these slaughterhouses need to know that they could be getting contaminated beef products. Maybe it is worth sending your report…

    I am so totally disgusted with CFIA because despite heaps and heaps of evidence that they gather themselves they fail to take any action against these slaughterhouses. Is no one in charge there?

    1. jean robertson · ·

      I think the CFIA would rather raid small farms like the one in Manitoba producing award winning cured meats or now the raw cheese concern in B.C. rather than bother or irritate big business like the horse slaughter plants.

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