CHDC Nominated for Canada Horse Health and Welfare Award

Mary-Joe Figueira, a strong horse welfare advocate and supporter of the CHDC, has nominated the CHDC for the Beohringer Ingelheim-Equine Canada Horse Health and Welfare Award which recognizes an individual or organization that has for an extended period of time, contributed directly to the improvement of horse health and welfare.

smiling_horseWe are honoured to be nominated!  Mary-Joe would like to promote her nomination and has asked us to post this message for her.   

“Hello everyone!  Equine Canada and Boehringer Ingelheim (one of Equine Canada’s sponsors) is giving an award for an individual or organization that has for an extended period of time contributed to the improvement of horse health and welfare.

Here is the nomination form for your perusal.   I would like to nominate the CHDC for their extensive work to help protect equines from slaughter in Canada and the export of live equines for slaughter.  As an organization I believe they are great candidates for this award.   I would appreciate 5 letters (minimum) no more than 3 pages long from those who wish to recommend the CHDC.

Please see the nomination form to help you understand what is necessary in your letter of support for the CHDC.  The letters should be formally written and not in point form.   I will attach these letters to my nomination form.  There is an award of $1,000 which I am sure the CHDC could put to good use for the horses.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination support letter, please email me with your interest to:  Please submit all letters by November 30th as the Submission Deadline is Thursday, December 5th, 2013.  Thank you!”

Mary-Joe Figueira


  1. Thank you so much for this Mary-Joe!

  2. Ok, I’m confused! Equine Canada wants to give CHDC an award for all the work its done with regard to horse welfare/anti-slaughter, etc., yet Equine Canada is itself pro-slaughter. Somebody??

    1. Marie Dean · ·

      V.Fisher, Mary-Joe has nominated the CHDC for the “Beohringer Ingelheim-Equine Canada” Horse Health and Welfare Award. Equine Canada has not nominated the CHDC. But someday Equine Canada will be holding their heads in shame and be thanking the CHDC for truly representing ALL horses, not just the pretty ones that are loved and/or in competitions, but ALL horses that need protection.
      And, you never know, if the CHDC wins this award then Equine Canada may be doing just that, giving the CHDC an award – that would be something!!!

      1. Thank you for clearing that up! I read it as Equine Canada AND Mary-Joe for BIEC. CHDC deserves an award every single day for what they do. Congratulations CHDC! Equine Canada needs to clean up its act and truly promote equestrianism, not just pretend.

  3. Marie Dean · ·

    Awh Mary-Joe, this is so good of you. This horse is shouting “thank you” in excitement!

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