Canada to export cattle AND horses to Kazakhstan for breeding and slaughter


OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Sep. 09 2013, 9:47 PM EDT
Last updated Monday, Sep. 09 2013, 9:52 PM ED

Until a few years ago, Garner Deobald had not set foot in Kazakhstan. The Saskatchewan rancher had little reason to travel across the world to a fledgling former Soviet republic where slaughterhouses had long sat idle.

But times have changed. With Kazakhstan’s thriving oil fields driving a surging economy, the country’s government wants to diversify. That means kick-starting an agriculture sector and turning to Canada – not just to buy Canadian meat, equipment and expertise, but live animals.

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  1. Make your comments to this paper (author) …let them know the truth about ‘who is sent to slaughter’ & that its so far from ‘humane’, etc. etc.!

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I read the few comments and they sound like what was in the comments in newspapers in the EU when horse meat was found in all of the frozen dinners and other food. The nutballs come out from under their rocks to brag about how much they like horse meat, in reality they never eat the stuff.

  3. Ritz led a trade mission to Kazakhstan a few months back. I knew no good could come of it. What a POS he is.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    If Ritz is talking about it, you can be assured its just a matter of time before its reality.
    The arrogance of this ASS is that he knows full well the Canadian PUBLIC are opposed to Horse slaughter.
    Organizations opposed to HORSE slaughter should work closer together, and be MUCH more active in protesting. EG. on Parliament hill. and work on getting the Ontario Provincial Parties to support bill c322. [Toronto Council is a good example]

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Shut it down before it begins!! Should we be lobbying the govt?

  6. jean robertson · ·

    “animal rights advocates pushing for adoption of aged animals rather than slaughter.” Hopefully the rest of the article is mostly bs just like the reference to all slaughter horses being “aged”.

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