Updated CHDC flyer

We’ve updated our flyer to reflect a change at the CFIA.   President Mr. George Da Pont has moved on to become Deputy Health Minister and has been replaced by former provincial Deputy Agriculture Minister Bruce Archibald.

Also updated are the stat numbers for 2013 but for US imports only.  We will update with the Canadian numbers soon.

The revised flyer is here.


  1. I guess I am wrong, but I thought Canada was NOT suppose to take any U.S. horses cause EU did not want any U.S. horses??? Could someone explain this to me???

    1. Likely because the EU doesn’t look too closely, if at all, at any documents at the slaughter plants. If they did they would see on the EIDs that the majority of horses killed at Canadian plants are, sadly, from the US. Technically, I can only guess that once the horse is in the ‘possession’ of the plants, after the plant pays the kill buyer, then the horse is considered a ‘Canadian’ product. That’s probably how they get around it.

  2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Brian Moore of Jonestown, Pa…. Such a disgusting guy.
    All 790 pages, Tag Numbered Horses that were received by St. Andre-Avellin,
    Quebec slaughter plant.

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