Toronto Star: Copper set goes to the dogs, horses and goats

A few months ago a horse supporter wrote to us concerned about horses in pens behind an industrial building in Toronto.  After looking in to it, we discovered that this was the holding area for horses and other critters being used in the TV series Copper.

Today the Toronto Star ran an article on these animals.

By: Jessica McDiarmid News reporter, Published on Sat Aug 31 2013

From Caledonia Rd., the building looks exactly like what it was: an old warehouse on a street full of them.

Lead photoBut along the cracked pavement that runs around back, another world begins to unfold, one of Civil War-era Manhattan, full of hardscrabble cops and crooked politicians, honourable harlots and fiendish plots — and a barnyard of animals who populate the background.

The TV series Copper, which debuted last year, is filmed on this Toronto set. Season 2 premieres Sept. 1 at 9 p.m. on Showcase.

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