“What happened to my little pony?”

Posted: 12:27 pm, August 31, 2013 by jfinch

Back in January of 2011, over 30 months ago, someone posted a message on the internet about “52 Thoroughbreds destined for slaughter.” It was a true story, but it only took days for all of them to find homes. Every few months since then the story pops up again and travels far and wide. This last trip had me sending back up to a dozen responses a day – “The story is no longer true,” with a link to the Snopes webpage about the story.

slaughter horses in auction penTwo things bounce around in my demented little brain when I receive an email about those thoroughbreds, the first is simply how wonderful people are to try to help when a horse is in trouble. Taking the time to send that notice out, asking for help, that shows that people really, seriously care. In the rescue business, I’ve found there are any number of people that have no problem hopping out of a warm bed at 3am on a cold, rainy Monday morning to help pull a horse out of a water-filled ditch. In fact, to most people it’s an automatic response and they are somewhat shocked when I thank them. “For what? A horse was in trouble. Of course I’m going to help.”

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And please don’t forget to get your petitions for Bill C-322 in to Parliament.  Read what you can do here.

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