Auction Statistics

Grof horses going to slaughterThe breed stats for OLEX have been updated and can be viewed here.   These statistics aren’t a condemnation of OLEX but are published to show that no horse is safe and that these numbers are representative of all auctions.

Until horse owners stop using auction as a dumping ground for horses that they don’t want anymore, this will keep going on.

Please go to Justice’s web site to view their detailed reports plus their reflections on what they witness each week.


  1. jean robertson · ·

    Good news. Thanks CHDC.

  2. Interesting to know about Medallion Meat International Inc. in Westwold, B.C., as I live not far from there & work with a gal who lives there. In fact very good horse hay is grown in this area which I will be getting a load from this weekend.
    With the Auction close by as well, I am relieved to hear horses are not being slaughtered there…although sickened by what the other animals will endure.

  3. jean robertson · ·

    With beef prices to the producer almost at a record high cheap horse meat added to the product will make the end product more profitable to the slaughter houses. If the government doesn’t give a hoot about the drugs in the horsemeat why would they be concerned if a little meat from an equine fell in with the hamburger. Profit is all they care about.
    There is a rumor that a reopened slaughterhouse in B.C. will be killing horses as well as cattle.

    1. Jean, which slaughterhouse is that?

      1. jean robertson · ·

        . Medallion Meat International Inc. Westwold, B.C. They did slaughter horses some years ago before they were in foreclosure. It has been sold and reopened.

      2. The CHDC spoke to the new owners who said that they were Halal (not that that’s any great improvement) but that they would not be killing horses as it was not part of their faith.

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    From the number of trotters that was sold for meat it appears the owners are getting rid of them in a hurry. But that’s what happens all the time to race horses, not just these. Every one of the race horses have been given vet drugs and the owners still sell them for meat for the unknowing consumers in Europe. I doubt the Canadian government even bothers to enforce the EU regulations on drugs. They are all so crooked and paid off stopping horse slaughter in Canada seems like a nightmare that won’t end. Just like what is going on in the US with US horses still sent to Canada to be killed.

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