Finger Lakes Claims Two More

Finger Lakes Claims Two More

Wisdom Seeker - January 2013 - Photo - Jim Fleenor

Wisdom Seeker – January 2013 – Photo – Jim Fleenor

Wisdom Seeker, yet another seven-year-old forgotten claimer at Finger Lakes Deathtrack, has been euthanized after suffering an undisclosed injury on August 12th.

To learn more about the high number of equine deaths at this track please go here.


  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    This goes on in the US and Canada both. The instant the horse can’t make another dime it’s tossed on the slaughter truck. I should have said, it goes on in every country around the globe that has a racing industry.

  2. Rough business for horses.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    Nothing good about this business!! I look forward to the day when all the tracks go out of business!

    1. Susanne Krispien · ·

      SAME HERE ! It is murder on a daily basis … the jockeys have a choice, the horses NOT! And then people say “he/she loves to race” while the jockey uses the whip to make the horse race faster … SICK !

  4. My Eddie (Bold Editorial baby) was a 7 yr old claimer, who thank god was saved from a similar fate and lived to be 29. My heart goes out to these poor horses.

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