Calgary Police Rodeo

The CHDC was recently informed by a supporter about the Calgary Police Rodeo, held every August in Calgary, Alberta.  The pictures from this year’s event proves again that rodeos are nothing but a spectacle of abuse for horses and other animals who endure this controversial “entertainment”.  Pictures are proudly posted on their website of contorted horses and cows roped, pulled and thrown to the ground:

It’s hard to determine which class is the worse, but no doubt the Wild Horse Race ranks up there amongst the most appalling.  After scrollling through the pictures, you may feel compelled to advise the Calgary Police Rodeo Association how you feel about their treatment of animals, and whether you think this annual rodeo tradition should continue.  Here is where they can be reached:

  • Calgary Police Rodeo Association
    5111 47 Street NE (Mail code #513)
    Calgary, Alberta
    T3J 3R2
  • 1.403.428.8692


    1. is the email for their mounted unit.

  1. Anne Streeter · ·

    The e-mail address doesn’t work for some reason. I phoned (no answer) so left a message on the voice mail.


  2. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    The link to their website isn’t working for me. Wanted to make contact. Will try their number tomorrow.

  3. Along with everything else that’s so wrong with the bad idea that is rodeo, the police don’t even have the common sense to put helmets on.

  4. We are still waiting for a reply to our email ….

    Attention: Police Chief and Executive Rick Hanson, Deputy Chief Roger Chaffin, Deputy Chief Daroux, and Deputy Chief Murray Stooke

    Of all the life lessons to impart to children, is it really necessary to make abusing innocent animals one of them?

    The police are so highly regarded by youth and the example that your police force sets cannot be underestimated.
    Why not turn your talents to rescuing horses, or finding animals good homes or doing Good for citizens (which would after all be in accord with police mandates) than having ‘fun’ scaring wild horses, putting children in potentially dangerous situations, and creating
    a bloodbath that no police force could ever be proud of.

    Surely the cops can find better outlets than hurting animals for sport to fundraise for good causes. What happened to the cop being the Good Guy?

    Please put an end to the Calgary Police Rodeo. Parents expect the police women and men to set good examples for youth to follow and having ‘fun’ or ‘sport’ at an animal’s expense does not serve that purpose.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to our request and we look forward to your soonest reply,

    1. ps. written on July 18th!

    2. The CHDC sent a letter to all those individuals as well, but we received a reply directing us to Police Services.

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    This is absolutely unacceptable! Shame on the Calgary police!
    They do enough macho stuff during their day job. We don’t need to see how tough they can be by abusing horses!!

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