The Story of Freedom, the abused rodeo horse

Published on Aug 20, 2013 – SHARK

One woman goes to the rodeo with her husband to have an enjoyable evening. Instead, she finds a horse being abused – hit, shocked with electricity, and having a wire stuck in his anus. Stunned, Ellie Lopez-Bowlan leaves the rodeo and informs the media.

Now, Ellie is looking for the horse she has already named Freedom, and she’s determined to give him a new lease on life.

These kinds of abuses are seen at rodeos both in the US and Canada.


  1. The ONLY way this kind of thing will at the very least be ‘slowed down’ is ANYONE going to these kinds of events … get your cameras, cell phones, videos running & ready. Then EXPOSE these cruelties or torture, whatever you want to call it. Thankfully for these devices we know what we know already however it just keeps getting more & more disturbing & disgusting!


    TERRIBLE! I say must be perverts! ; UNBELIEABLE!!!!!!! ;(

  3. Linda Partain · ·

    Aren’t there people at rodeos that are supposed to be making sure that these things don’t happen?

    1. michelle staples · ·

      You’re living in a dream world, Linda. This is about money, down and dirty. They care nothing about the animals they maim and kill. The professional rodeo organizations know about this and allow it to happen and carry on by just patting the public on our heads like we’re some kind of imbiciles. And its not just the stock people or the rodeo promoters. Its the competitors too. They know exactly what’s happening to the animals around them but choose to make a living (or entertain themselves) in rodeos. None of these people have any respect for the spectators or the animals. They have respect for the money you put in their pockets, knowing full well that the majority of people will blindly believe that the regulating bodies will take care of these “isolated incidents”. These same blind, naive, gullible people go to circuses where elephants and other animals are abused every single day of their pitifully short lives. Wake up and smell the fear, Linda.

  4. Ten bucks they sent it to slaughter.

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Steve Hindi. Great guy. Never gives up. Stayed at my house once when he was in town for an event.


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