Left on a Florida roadside, he was blinded and burned

By Susan Salk on August 16, 2013

progidiosoOn a desolate stretch of road slicing first through sugarcane fields and then everglades in the Homestead region of South Florida, it must have felt like burning hell last July to an ex-racehorse waiting for the next thing to go wrong in his young life.

Emaciated and scared, Prodigioso shifted his weight gingerly on four painful feet that oozed with thrush.  His back pasterns were flayed open with deep burns, probably ripped by rope, and a painful looking burn was raw and ugly on his lower lip.

Please read his story here.


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  2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    No excuse whatsoever for this….Another perfect example of foolish, irresponsible breeding.
    Neither, sire or dam of Prodigioso had racetrack earnings etc. to support the decision to create this Thoroughbred.
    Thank goodness, he is safe now.

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