Scant progress made in EU horsemeat regulation – August 9, 2013

The European Commission could do better to contain the worrying aspects around the sale of horsemeat, suggests Dr Joanna Swabe, EU Director for Humane Society International.

The horsemeat scandal, it seems, is far from over. One only needs to look at the recent case of horsemeat from Latvia in frozen meat pies sold in the United Kingdom to see that horsemeat fraud is widespread.

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  1. For these proponents of slaughter plants: why not force Sue Wallis & Co to have plans made up for a kill plant in Recluse, WY (her base of support) and for other wealthy beneficiaries of the horrific slaughter industry? Force them to live right by the hells they created for everyone else.
    This is in the spirit of having slum lords live in their own buildings.
    No mercy for the killers who cash in on crime and the death of the innocent.
    Anybody can hammer Congress and the states from this easy to use site
    This has always been about corruption and cash and nothing else.
    We have had enough of the killing. We have to act. Public pressure makes a difference.

  2. Debbie · ·

    I click on the site to read more and it won’t work??? I’d like to read it??? Not sure if it is my computer or what, but I have never been not able to read anything you have sent before… Ok Thanks

    1. Try it now. This is one of those sites that wants to lock everything down so that their articles can’t be easily shared. Not a great way to encourage readership!

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