Update! – The Board Has Been Booked! Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard Campaign set for Niagara Falls

Good news ! The board has been booked. It should go up on or around Aug 19th. We were also able to change what it says across the top.
The new one will say “Canadians Do Not Eat Horses!

Thank you everyone who supported this campaign!

Please consider donating to help cover the cost for this billboard.

billboardNEW Canadian Billboard slated for August 19, 2013. Location: McLeod Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Close to Fort Erie Turnoff. Daily Traffic Count 14,200! Billboard cost is $1775.00 for 4 weeks.

Please go here for more information.


  1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Well guys, is it up yet?? I’m looking forward to my September visit down the QEW to the Fort!
    | was more than happy to financially contribute to this Anti-Slaughter of Horses Billboard.
    My Thoroughbreds (all 3 of them) did run in the past, at the Fort Erie racetrack and I know for a fact that a lot more tax paying citizens, seriously need this sign in front of them to open their eyes to this disgusting, horribly cruel and shameful (toxic) horse meat industry.
    Bill C-322 petitions have been going well and We have to keep marching on with this fight and be the voice to protect horses. I personally have witnessed unacceptable attitude from far too many cold, $ cash seeking, uncaring people in both Ontario Horse Boarding Facilites and Tracks.
    Lets get to work on more Billboards, perhaps we could list a few names on the next one!!

  2. Terra Pennington · ·

    Oh man we need to put one in Sue Wallis front yard. Maybe one in front of the AQHA and the IEBA… We sure need one across from Valley Meat in Roswell, New Mexico and the entry of the Kentucky Derby and horse park so everyone can see it when they look at the finish line.

    1. Heather · ·

      well said Terra

  3. That is great news ,and super cool

  4. Debbie · ·


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