Urgent Call to Support Bill C-322 and End Horse Slaughter!

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Urgent Call to Support Bill C-322 and End Horse Slaughter! 

September will soon be here and after the summer recess MP Alex Atamanenko will choose a bill to debate on – a bill that stands the best chance of succeeding.  We want him to choose Bill C-322, an Act that would stop the slaughter of horses in Canada as well as their shipment to slaughter in other countries.

There are two ways in which you can help at this time:

1) Contact your Member of Parliament and tell him/her that you are seeking their support for Bill C-322.  Contact information for Canadian MPs can be found here.

Make sure to copy MP Alex Atamanenko and MP Malcolm Allen, NDP Critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food, on your correspondence:
alex.atamanenko@parl.gc.ca;malcolm.allen@parl.gc.ca.  Your action will communicate to MP Atamanenko and MP Allen that the public staunchly supports Bill C-322.  We want this crucial Act to move forward!

2) Recently, Toronto City Council unanimously passed a motion in support of Bill C-322.  This precedent-setting move, initiated by Councillor Michelle Berardinetti, can clearly pave the way for additional municipalities to follow suit.  No matter where you reside in Canada, you have the power to help horses at a municipal level.  Please don’t delay – contact your City Council and ask them to support MP Alex Atamanenko’s Bill C-322.

Please do this NOW.  We will soon follow up with additional actions showing provincial support that you will be able to take.  But let’s work federally and on municipal levels first.

Can we count on you?

Thank you, on behalf of the horses! 


  1. That awkward moment when you look up your MP to write him, and find out it’s Harper himself. :I

    1. Wonder if you’d actually be able to meet with him? You are a constituent and have the right to meet with your MP as they represent YOU the voter, right? 🙂

  2. […] And please don’t forget to get your petitions for Bill C-322 in to Parliament.  Read what you can do here. […]

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  4. Hello,and keep up the great work that you do.I`ve sent this to my friends but,there is nowhere to sign the petition,could you send me a simple form that I can re-send.I was working ok at first.It seems to have changed.Do you have all the signatures you need? Thanks so much,Linda

    1. Hi, Linda. What form are you referring to?

  5. jean robertson · ·

    It is very depressing when you find out how many so called “horse lovers and owners” will not sign the petition. Jo-Anne has the right idea educate the school children and forget about the parents.

  6. barbara pecak · ·

    Sally please can you help me with this Bill. Eva Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 19:59:18 +0000 To: ebpecak@hotmail.com

  7. Dennis Davey · ·

    I surely hope MP Alex Atamanenko decides to speak to Bill C322. I have written numerous letters to MP and MPP on this barbaric and corrupt industry supported by Stephen Harper. MP Alex Atamanenko has indicated in a letter to me that he will wear a T Shirt I sent him when he speaks at second reading of his bill. I look forward to listening to him.

    1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Absolutely! How about a couple of t-shirts sent to Stephen Harper kids.
      PMO doesn’t mind receiving gifts of generosity, although after security clearances,
      unfortunately….. likely Stephen and Lauren would toss the shirts in garbage can.
      However,,,some of our MP and MPP have yet to learn, the real power of childrens
      influence on parents decisions. When school children are educated about horses being butchered to death for food, it upsets them a lot…..Mom and Dad then have to pony up some tough answers.

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