Tomorrow is Almost Here

From Shedrowconfessions:

slaughter-marefoal Slaughter PictureWe are officially out of tomorrows as the big day in New Mexico descends upon us.  For those of you that aren’t aware, the pending litigation in New Mexico will likely not be settled tomorrow or even next week.

The main thing that will be decided is whether or not there will be an injunction that will prevent these slaughter houses from opening before the case is complete.  One one hand, you have Front Range Equine, HSUS, et al stating that until it can be decided on whether or not the USDA was in violation of NEPA, that these slaughter plants should not open due to the potential environmental damage etc.

On the other you have the slaughterphiles saying they should be allowed to rape and pillage the environment in the meantime while we wait.  How it plays out is anybody’s guess.

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