Show your support for Bill C-322 – Summer 2013 Petitions, Pins and Draw Campaign!

Just a reminder that the upcoming fall Parliament session is coming.  Our petition campaign is going really well but the more names we can submit to Parliament, the better for the horses.  Don’t forget we have great promotions for petitions with 25+ signatures on them!



Click on image for details.

Note:  Only the petition forms in the document are acceptable in Parliament.  Thanks!

 Please note that those petitions received after the closing deadline for our 2nd April draw will be entered into this draw.  Remember, you can send in as many petitions as you can gather signatures.  The more petitions you send in the more chances to win and the more attention is directed for our horses in our government.    Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and dedication in gathering signatures and sending in these petitions!

PETITIONING NEWS!  To date, there have been 84 petitions in support of Bill C-322 that are making their way through the House.  These petitions represent thousands upon thousands of Canadians who are speaking up against the horse slaughter industry.  The most important action you can take is to support the petitioning drive – please, do it now, the horses desperately need you to act on their behalf.  

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