Anti Horse Slaughter Billboard Campaign set for Niagara Falls

Reminder – Please consider donating to help cover the cost for this billboard.

billboardNEW Canadian Billboard slated for August 19, 2013. Location: McLeod Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Close to Fort Erie Turnoff. Daily Traffic Count 14,200! Billboard cost is $1775.00 for 4 weeks.

Please go here for more information.  Donations can be sent using PayPal to the email address:  Please indicate that your donation is for the Canadian billboard.



  1. F YI Everone :“At the International Equine Conference in Alexandria, Virginia in 2011, Bacon described the economic and environmental devastation her town endured because of the operation of the Dallas Crown slaughterhouse there:

    The stench that permeated the town, the waste and blood that clogged the sewers and overran the town’s wastewater treatment plant, the cost to the town in trying to enforce the innumerable violations, the few low wage jobs created,

    the lack of tax revenues, and general poor quality of life. She explained the town could not attract business because of the horse slaughter plant. Bacon said a community would be better off with a “lead smeltering plant or a sexually oriented business than a horse slaughter plant”.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    JO Anne Ward, thankyou for the insight. I am sure many who follow and are supporters of the CHDC are unaware of these goings on.
    Recently I wrote to Premier Wynne of Ontario, and the NDP MPP for my area riding who is Taras Natashak inquiring as to why the Provincial NDP has not taken the position of the Toronto municipal councial who OVER WHELMINGLY supported the Federal NDP BillC322 brought forward by MP Alex Atamanenko.
    I have asked for a written reply from Premier Wynne, and have asked Taras Natashak to meet with me to discuss other measures that Ontario can take to ban this barbaric, seedy and corrupt industry supported by Harper and the Conservative Govt. in OPPOSITION to a MAJORITY of Canadians.
    Will post future developments as they relate to Premier Wynne and MPP Taras Natashak.

  3. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    My donation of $75.00 towards this particular Bill board has been sent via PayPal…
    Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue Inc.
    The large number of Thoroughbreds that leave Ontario (Woodbine/Fort Erie) every year and end up at Penn National and ParX Racing in Pennsylvania is disturbing. Often when they could be rested for winter break, Nope….they’re sent off to keep running till ….after the Finish Line….then
    New Holland kill auction in Pa…and finally back to Canada for that last trailer ride to slaughter plant.
    No More of this. much longer…Canadians who really care are signing petitions….Some of us are Not afraid to be the Voice for our Horses….even though it pisses $ greedy minded $ abusers off!!

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