Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Releases Access to Information documents on slaughter plant

ATI imageDuring the next few months, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) will be releasing information obtained from Canada’s Access to Information Act.  It is important to note that information requested under this Act is neither complete nor timely.  

Contrarily, the information requested and received contained pages of blacked out and/or blocked names and documents – and the government of Canada delayed the partial release of the information by almost two years.  

The first report concerns an at-term mare who foaled on a truck en route to the LPN slaughter plant in March 2011.  This disturbing report can be read here.


  1. We will continue till there are no more horses slaughtered

  2. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    So sad. Happens all the time. When AA reported on Bourvy’s feedlot there was a mare dieing from trying to give birth and the workers did nothing, the ASPCA did nothing either.
    Dairy cows are usually pregnant when slaughtered, and their calves stomach enzymes removed for coagulating in cheese.

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I live in the US and this happened for years when the slaughter plants were here. The USDA knew all about it. Both countries are just the same when it comes to animal welfare of any description. The USDA could have shut 90% of the dog breeders down years ago but all they have ever done is write out citations that they never follow up on. So the cruelty goes on and on and on with no end in sight. We live on a very small planet in one of the outer arms of our galaxy and there has been nothing but war going on here since we climbed down out of the trees millions of years ago, it seems it is in our nature to be cruel to every living thing around us and to each other one of these days we are going to go out the same way. Only then will the animals on this planet live in peace.

  4. Debbie · ·

    omg, I am in tears I can’t stand it>>>>> How can this be happening for SO LONGGGGG ??? I hope you send this report to Tom Vilsake director of USDA please send this to him if you already haven’t, because so he says????? He does not promote slaughter and wants change, not sure if I believe him but he needs to see this…….. SO SO SAD hard to wrap my head around it, honestly…. What is happening to humanity???

    1. Karen · ·

      Is there any humanity left??

  5. Words fail. Thank you for posting the truth of this appalling “industry”.

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