In The News: Horseracing Wrongs


Sad news in the discipline of horse racing:

Monzante, a former Grade 1 winner and half million dollar lifetime earner, is dead after breaking down at Louisiana’s Evangeline Downs on July 20th. He was nine.

A onetime celebrated champion, the gelding, “talent” eroding, had descended to the lowest rung of competition, the decidedly unglamorous claiming race ($4,000, in this case). Monzante was traded three times in the last two years, with each new owner, like a used car shopper, hoping to squeeze out just a few more miles. A simple commodity. In truth, Monzante was worked to death, an ignominious fate surely awaiting many of this summer’s Saratoga starters.

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Also,  Saratoga Race Course recorded its first equine death of the season when four-year-old Black Rhino broke down while training on the Oklahoma Track July 18th. He was euthanized two days later. Last raced at Belmont on June 2nd, this beautiful creature is now dead before he was even done growing. This is horseracing.

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  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    As long as there is money to be made the racing industry will never change. Horses die every day on a track somewhere in the US and nothing is ever done. The over-breeders all ready have their bucks from the sale of the yearling as they await next years crops. So it goes on and on.

  2. pattyhamilton · ·

    It just seems to never end with horse abuse. It has been really hot in the north and to race at the Louisiana’s Evangeline Downs track must of been really tough especially for nine year old Monzante that killed the gelding. Rest in peace Monzante. Your life was too short and you got into the evil wrong hands.

    1. pattyhamilton · ·

      I did not read the entire article on Monzante before I wrote my comment. Monzante was put down because of an injury to his sesamoids bones. He did not have to be put down. I’m sure the owner did not want to spend his money on this horse after all the previous owners made plenty. So sad.

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