CHDC Campaign Underway! Supporting Bill C-322 With Creative Images

Mounted horsesCampaign Image Deadline October 13th: Our newest campaign has a potential country-wide reaching effect – and its success depends on your creativity!

We are calling on your inventive ways to inform and rally your community around Canada’s anti-slaughter legislation for horses, by making use of this image.

Create a lawn sign, make a poster, create a window sticker or car magnet – the options are endless!

Send us photos of your creations and receive a free CHDC lapel pin, as well as have your name entered into the draw for a lovely handmade quilt, made and generously donated by Janet McClure.

The campaign will run until October 13th – lots of time to get your messages out across Canada!

Go here for more details – Bill C-322 Campaign Image (Deadline October 13th):

Here is picture showing how a supporter used the campaign image as a protest sign and along the way to the protest crossed paths with the front doors of the Toronto Police Service, Mounted Police Headquarters, making for a unique picture!

One comment

  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Just a thought,seeing that the Municipal Council in Toronto” unanimously” passed a motion recently thanks to a Toronto Councillor in support of BILL C 322 it would be very advantagous to place the same signs that were used at the at the doors of the Ontario Legislature building in Toronto. Perhaps the media could be notified of the signs placement and with any luck it would be carried on the T.V. news. After all it may prompt an M.P.P. to move a motion forward that would be in concert with Toronto Municipal Govt.
    Presently the Federal N.D.P. party who proposed BILL C322 could possibly lead the way for the Provincial N.D.P to adopt C322. It is no secret that with Kathleen Wynne Provincial Liberal Party having no majority that Andrea Horvath Provincial N.D.P. Party could exert some influence. If this could be achieved it would be a devestating blow to the barbaric Horse slaughter industry.
    Just a thought.

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