The Business of Broker-Owned Horses

ac4hConestoga Woman Saves Horse From Slaughter After Being Contacted by “Broker Program”

He is a big black beautiful horse. Or at least he was. Brownstone, nicknamed Brownie, moves around his stall with a nervousness that tells his story even better than the cuts, bites, kicks and infection he suffers from, or his jutting hip bones and protruding ribs. He’s safe now. He just doesn’t know it yet.

The breeder that foaled Brownie is Julie Arbogast, a Conestoga-based horsewoman who did everything she could to ensure the thoroughbred would return to her farm after his career as a racehorse was over. She even wrote on his registration papers: “If anyone ever doesn’t want this horse, return him to me.” And she included her phone number.

But just a week ago, Arbogast got an urgent phone call that her beloved horse was in a “kill pen,” on a trailer with lots of other horses, waiting to be trucked to Canada for slaughter. The caller told her she needed to come up with several hundred dollars fast, or her former horse was a goner.

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  1. Problem is that they make so much money (last two 990s in 2010/11 I believe, indicated two years of income over $800,000 – that makes them a for-profit, not a non-profit). So much money of course enables them to send even more horses to slaughter every year. Also goes a long way towards explaining why they are being investigated by the FBI.

  2. Donikash · ·

    Exactly, Horse in the Garage. If he had not been listed by AC4H, he would be long gone, as would 591 horses that have gone to homes so far this year. Week in week out the volunteers work to contact past connections of the horses who can be identified and hopefully make sure they all have a soft landing. And in all this people make money – who would do it for free? Transparancy is certainly an issuewith AC4H and the total failure of officials at all levels to ensure humane treatment of all animals at New Holland and every other auction in the US is a sad statement too. I have two from AC4H, including a standardbred whose past connections dumped her with floating bone clips in a hock and a mare who was in foal at the time. The “reporter” clearly has some sort of agenda and didn’t get her facts all that straight. Take a look at Jen Moore’s rebuttal on AC4H FB page. Every story has many sides.

    1. You misunderstand. I am not a fan. They do more harm than good, imho. And being investigated by the FBI? Something smells really bad. After they posted that draftie with the deformed hind end, I thought, okay, these people are nuts. They jog horses that are lame. They ride horses that are lame, They don’t know much, but they sure know how to pull on people’s heart-strings. IF they were in it for the horses, they wouldn’t have made quite so much money last year.

      1. Donikash · ·

        I only see the horses – lame or sound. The roach backed draft sure needed a rescue…and a second chance or a humane end neither of which he was going to get from the Moores.

  3. Peppermint · ·

    We adopted 2 OTTB’s saved from New Holland’s killer buyer auction by TB rescues. They are priceless …its a true shame that there are some bad apples in every bunch making a living off the horses. Always go into the deal with a prayer and your eyes wide open.

  4. Not a fan of AC4H, but at least they saved this boy. How much money they made is another story.

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