Large Production Sale – Quarter Horses in Wyoming

Wagonhound land & livestock

This production sale will be held in Wyoming by Wagonhound Land & Livestock. September 6th & 7th are the dates.

Just when you thought that the market could not be more flooded with broodmares,  weanlings,  yearlings,  two & three year olds, and “aged” riding horses.  We wonder how many will not be sold and what their fate will be.

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  1. It seems that IQ is again missing. Instead of training and selling at a top price or adopting out useful equines for the obvious benefits, they are going to put them at risk of a cheap sale for horse slaughter. In terms of money lost, this seems to again prove the point that these dealers may not be intellectually gifted. The lack of business acumen among dealers and breeders always strikes the observer. They seem to have no clue as to the profit potential. How is it that no dealer has ever heard of or known a horse trainer? Is it because breeders and dealers can’t train and know nothing about business or planning? “Pinhooking” is the process of rapidly training and selling an improved equine. No one has ever heard of this among our dealers and breeders? People make money at this.

    Of course, the only ones to suffer for the usual dealer and breeder stupidity are the voiceless and the innocent.

    End slaughter (in USA Pass SAFE Act)

  2. Debbie · ·

    Oh Yeah, the president of the AQHA is a gem isn’t he??? More baby’s the more money in his pockets……This infuriates me to know end and how long has this been going on???? OMG…. Out of control and he has and others have the dumping grounds for all this destruction always has….
    NO thought to the horses AT ALL NONE…. money, money, money……… I know I am judging him but rightfully so and may I might add he also looks like the pompous ASS that he is……

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    It looks like both of these breeders are dumping a lot of their breeding stock. I wonder if its because of the July 31st EU requirement that all horses going to slaughter will have to have a passport like what is used in Europe?? Makes one wonder. This is the kind of operation that calls the killer buyer to buy all or most of their broodmares to get rid of them.

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