Down to the Wire

By: Heather Clemenceau – July 19, 2013

Last October slaughterphiles in the US and Canada watched in horror as all their latent fears came true.  Despite holding on to the promise of horse slaughter as tight as a tick on a long-tailed mare, they watched and listened in disbelief as Claude Bouvry inexplicably ceased to accept American horses for slaughter for a weekend.  No one had any notice and certainly no clear explanation, despite lots of theories about residues and EU audits.

If they were following the plot,  these  slaughterphiles would really be losing control of their sphincter muscle right about now because that temporary panic was just practice.  We’re now less than two weeks ago from the July 31st deadline, as originally identified in the GAO report.  But since many pros are notoriously unprepared and unaware of issues surrounding horse slaughter (they blithely ignore most evidence of cruelty),  most of them refused to believe that horse slaughter might someday go away.

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  1. I live in the US, also a taxpayer The majority of Americans do NOT want slaughter houses here, nor there. We HAVE seen how they torture horses. ( I don’t like them to torture ANY animal, just because there in the food chain). But horses were never meant to be eaten. It’s like the Kill people
    have a vendetta against US horses,like they want them to suffer. Personally I can’t stand to see any animal suffer. The bottom line it’s about the almighty dollar. To all that approve of this insanity, remember this “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      Totally agree. Our kill buyers are the most cruel in the world. One would think it would be in their best interests to have the horses arrive at the slaughter plants in acceptable condition, but somehow, they don’t.

      I can’t stand to see any animal suffer either. Too bad that feeling isn’t universal.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    A few months ago I to wrote to G. Ritz the Conservative Agriculture Minister, as well as Malcom Allen the Federal N.D.P. critic for Agriculture, asking two simple questions
    1- Knowing that a majority of Canadians oppose Horse slaughter, has the Conservative Govt. spent any Canadian TAX PAYERS MONEY in an effort to support Horse slaughter in Canada? If so to who and how much?
    2- Has the Conservative Govt. spent any Canadian TAX PAYERS MONEY in an effort to develop a tracibility program that would support Horse slaughter in Canada? If so to who and how much?
    3- Presently Canadian TAX PAYERS MONEY is being spent to subsidize the Horse slaughter industry through providing CFIA inspestors. What is this costing Canadian TAX PAYERS on a yearly basis?
    Needless to say I am disappointed that the Federal NDP critic Malcom Allen has opted not to reply to my issues. As for Ritz, I am not holding my breath for any reply to my issues.

  3. Debbie · ·

    So all these questions which we all should have a right to know, WHAT is going on, to be informed…. Just shows us all how corrupt this whole horse slaughter is… I pray here in the US we can stop this?? Just unbelievable this country right now is going backward now isn’t that smart right?? Just so disgusted with our so called leaders…….

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I live in the US and I’m beginning to wonder if this July date is the reason for the wild rush to open up horse slaughter plants here again. I have been wondering just where will the horse meat from these plants be sold if July 31 goes into effect and no more US horses are accepted in Canada? The EU plainly stated that no US horse meat be sent to the EU. This ban would also have to be the same in Mexico, but right now they are doing the same as Canada.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      I wonder about that same thing, Barbara. Why in the world would anyone invest in a horse slaughter plant that has not only the EU’s decision hanging over it, but also bills in both chambers of Congress that ban horse slaughter, and the defunding language in both the House AND Senate proposed budgets – not to mention the same request in USDA Secretary Vilsack’s budget request AND President Obama’s budget request. Now, would YOU bet the farm on these odds? Of course not, but someone is.

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