Massive Horse and Mule Dispersal in Crossfield, Alberta

Irvine track and trailer herd dispersalJuly 21st, Irvine Tack & Trailer in Crossfield, Alberta is auctioning off 80 to 100 horses and pack mules, a partial herd dispersal from Ron Warner Outfitting Ltd. Irvine Tack & Trailer is owned and operated by “horse dealer”, Scott Irvine.

If anyone is in the area and wishes to attend the auction, additional info can be found at this link

One comment

  1. Isn’t this just something? The overpriced items for sale would feed equines for a while. Yet we see that there is a dispersal sale for the most valuable assets, the equines. It seems that IQ is again missing. Instead of training and selling at top price or adopting out useful equines, they are going to put them at risk of a cheap sale for horse slaughter. In terms of money lost, this seems to again prove the point that these dealers may not be gifted. The lack of business acumen among dealers and breeders always strikes the observer. They seem to have no clue as to a profit potential. Of course, the only ones to suffer for the usual stupidity are the voiceless and the innocent. End slaughter (in USA Pass SAFE Act)

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