Calgary Police Carry On Cruel Rodeo Tradition

police rodeoThe CHDC has been made aware of the Calgary Police holding their own rodeo.  We saw disturbing footage from the 2010 rodeo,  which you can view here

As a result,  we were compelled to write to the Calgary Police expressing our concerns.

Please read our  Calgary Police Service Rodeo Letter


  1. Georges Dupras · ·

    Leadership is best served through example and the Calgary police are failing in this area. The police are here to protect and serve the public and neither of these objectives can be accomplished without some degree of compassion and respect for all. This includes animals.

    How disappointing,


  2. Karen · ·

    WOW! I am stunned at this news!! I thought the police had a lot more integrity than this. Shocking. Must say I have lost respect for them.

  3. Our email:

    Attention: Police Chief and Executive Rick Hanson, Deputy Chief Roger Chaffin, Deputy Chief Daroux, and Deputy Chief Murray Stooke

    Of all the life lessons to impart to children, is it really necessary to make abusing innocent animals one of them?

    The police are so highly regarded by youth and the example that your police force sets cannot be underestimated. Why not turn your talents to rescuing horses, or finding animals good homes or doing Good for citizens (which would after all be in accord
    with police mandates) than having ‘fun’ scaring wild horses, putting children in potentially dangerous situations, and creating a bloodbath that no police force could ever be proud of.

    Surely the cops can find better outlets than hurting animals for sport to fundraise for good causes. What happened to the cop being the Good Guy?

    Please put an end to the Calgary Police Rodeo. Parents expect the police women and men to set good examples for youth to follow
    and having ‘fun’ or ‘sport’ at an animal’s expense does not serve that purpose.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to our request and we look forward to your soonest reply,

    Tamara Scott
    Community Relations Manager
    Equine Right To Life (ER) Canada
    “United as horse Pro-Lifers for Life”

  4. You make a good point @Anne. It may even be a conflict of interest in some cases. How can the police be objective if they have to play a role in seizing or protecting horses, or indeed any animals? Will their empathy be compromised?

  5. Good letter!

  6. Anne Streeter · ·

    Excellent letter! Police are supposed to “protect” – and that generally includes protecting animals from abuse. Taking part in brutal rodeo events is out of line for the Force!

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