2013 Calgary Stampede – Bull is kicked in the head

No comment necessary.


  1. Ashley · ·

    Are you people kidding me!!! Rodeo is not entertainment to us it is a way of life and we will continue to do it regardless if you dumbies are sitting in the stands or not!! That bull was not abused by any means!! You crazy fokes are always around video cameras in hand to video all of what you think is “bad” or abusive where are your cameras when we are graining and loving on our horses? Where are you when the chiropractor is working on these wonderful athletes? Where is the camera when this animal gets sick or hurt and all the vet care he gets? Bring your cameras along and come watch me with my horses spend one day with a stock contractor and see what his day is about taking care of these poor “mistreated” animals!! You can sit there with your camera socal media spreading crazy crap about how this is just to look tough and theses animals are treated so badly, spend a day with these animal athelets and the owners before you start pointing fingers!! Go visit these stock contractors houses and see all the retired stock on pastures or researce all the world champion cowboys that have purchased the stock that they have won titles with and taken them to their homes to live out there lives in peace and die of old age! Go to cowboy church before a rodeo and join in prayer! The number one prayer request is “lord please keep the livestock we compete with safe”. These animals are athletes just like the cowboys and cowgirls that compete on and with them. They love their jobs they are not forced to do what they do. Bulls buck because they want to not because they are made to, horses buck because they like to buck! Lots of bareback and saddle bronc horses were once horses in training programs to be saddle horses and they just never quit bucking! Have you ever started a colt they almost always buck the first ride is that cruel? So what about the horses that never quit? If these bulls were not the athletes they are they would either be cut or turned out to bred cows untill they are no longer useful as breeding stock and then they would be taken to the sale barn and sold by the pound for meat. Horses that never stop bucking will be shipped to Canada or Mexico because the are unsafe. Go visit a stock contractor bring your camera along and tell me if the top quality hay the animals are fed and the best care possible and being named and part of a family and a way of life is not a better alternative to heading to the slaughter house!

    1. V Fisher · ·

      Same old tired BS from you yahoos. That bull bucked because it was forced to. Forced from being separated from its own kind, run down the chutes and trapped in a tight box where it can’t turn around, forced from the strap around its groin, forced from the spurs raked up its shoulders, forced from the kick in the head it got, forced from the yahoo on its back! Sure sounds like that bull LIKES to buck, yes sir! You think because you feed it hay and give it water that means you’re somehow entitled to scare the shit out of it, and force it to risk its life just so you can get a kick out of it. That bull only lives as long as it’s your kind of useful, then it’s sold for $.35/lb. and slaughtered with a bolt to the head, and its throat slit to bleed out live. Let’s put you in its place and then you can tell us first hand how much you liked it. If you’re really good, we might keep you around for a little while before we send you off for a bolt in the head.

    2. Nancy · ·

      You actually believe all of that?! Wow Ashley, where do you get your information? For one, Bull riding has never been a part of the real cowboy culture/heritage. Another thing, if enough “dummies” (as you call them) stop sitting in the stands to watch this insane organized animal abuse and boycot the sponsors (which more and more of us are doing), there will no longer be a rodeo. And seriously, do you really believe that the rodeo stock are lovingly retired after the rodeo is through with them?! Really? And as for the folks video taping, have you watched some of that footage? You should. Really, you should check it out. Video doesn’t lie. Horses, bulls, steers, calves, they are horribly abused! Shocked, kicked, smacked, slapped, heads repeatedly banged against the wall/rail, tails pulled, eyes poked, it’s true, sadly it really happens. How the hell do you think they get em to “run for their life” out of the chutes? Roped, choked, flipped in the air, picked up and thrown down, necks twisted and broken, backs snapped, legs broke, internal injuries that cause so many to suffer that are not immediately apparent. It’s pretty horrific! Do you also really think these abused animals then recieve vet care? No, most go straight to the slaughter house. No peace, no pain relief as medicine would deem the “meat” unfit for human consumption. And by the way, horses do not like to buck. It’s true, they don’t. And as for praying to God to keep the livestock safe… seems the best way to do that is to stop this organized animal abuse. Isn’t it enough they will die to be food for humans? Do they really have to be tormented and tortured first? No, rodeo is not an alternative to going to the slaughter house, it’s merely a detour on the way to it.

  2. Theresa Nolet · ·

    Congrats to who ever it was that sent that video in! Wish we had more people in the world willing to stick their neck out for the animals! I have shared this several times on face book. Please everyone who reads these comments do the same! The general public needs to know the truth and that can only happen if we put it out there for them!

  3. Georges Dupras · ·

    Regardless of the progress made by man, there are those who never cease to disappoint and degrade us. It is also disheartening to know that institutions such as the Bank of Montreal, and both provincial and federal governments in this country support, subsidize and thus condone these actions.


  4. Postnote – we have reported this to the ASPCA with a link to this video.

    1. Their response will be that it’s legal and there is nothing they can do. I’ve been sending them (Alberta SPCA and Calgary Humane Society) things for years and nothing is ever done. The Calgary Stampede will deny it was a kick, just a nudge for the bull’s safety, so he would be straight and not hurt himself. They later bedded him down in fragrant shavings and sang him to sleep. I hope you get a different response than I’ve gotten over the years, but mostly, the Calgary Stampede is above the law.

  5. We agree with the commenter that said to send this video to the Alberta SPCA and request an investigation into alleged animal abuse. No point in keeping this video for the few. Also post it on Youtube – these bastards that call themselves cowboys need a good kick in the head themselves.

  6. Dennis Davey · ·

    As already mentioned, why not provide the footage to the Alberta SPCA. and CTV. Request that the Alberta SPCA keep you abreast of their actions regarding this animal[ THE COWBOY NOT THE BULL] Many times the telivision media can be very helpfull.

  7. Nancy · ·

    The only good thing about this is that it was caught on tape! I think that’s what it’s gonna take, enough people “seeing” what really happens at rodeos. Whomever took this footage, excellent job! There’s an organization S.H.A.R.K. (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) that is also doing an excellent job exposing the torment and torture animals routinely endure at rodeos. In the U.S. it’s common for these twisted, phony “cowboys” to use high voltage tasers on the bucking horses body before a “ride”, they are even shocked in the face! Maybe you’ve heard one horse recently died (convulsing to it’s death in the arena) after being roughed up and shocked in the bucking chute.

  8. Deb Ex · ·

    what a f***ing a-hole, really brave when he is on that side of the fence.How sickening, when will they finally stop this “entertainment”

  9. What a bunch of losers!

  10. Heather · ·

    I would like to know where is the Alberta Humane Society??? If this happened on someone’s farm they would be charged for animal cruelty.

  11. There is nothing right about rodeos!!

  12. Anne Streeter · ·

    These are crazy macho men! They are probably rough on their wives too!

  13. Marie Dean · ·

    All those disgusting men surrounding that animal finding ways to terrorize that poor soul that was already suffering so much fear just being near them. I so love when this is captured and people can truly see what these men do to animals before the show begins! Man, by his violations upon animals, drops his status from superior to scum!

    1. GASafeHorses · ·

      Amen! how fortunate we are to see a video shot so close to expose these “cowboys” a sickening lot! BOYCOTT ALL RODEOS!!

  14. Janet · ·

    I don’t understand why he was kicked. Looked to me like he was standing there fairly quiet. Whatever happened, it isn’t right!

    1. Heather · ·

      That’s just it Janet…he was too quiet…wouldn’t make good entertainment. Yet they LOVE their animals right!! We need to really get this horrible show shut down.

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