Sure, they just LOVE to buck

We came across this image on Facebook today.  Just in case you were wondering where the flank strap sits on a horse….

yeah sure they love to buck

Horses generally don’t assume this position, unless there’s something trying to kill them.

And they say they LIKE to buck.  Does this look like the horse is liking this??



  1. We really have to work for stronger animal protection laws.

  2. Sick and disgusting….I cringe that they can get away with this! Horrific and so very cruel…horses have such noble hearts and spirits…God is watching. My heart goes out to every horse that suffers in this sickening way…and I hope the people who say “oh well they do not know and they are just looser horses or mustangs” will be punished severely. Our animals love us and trust us….these horses do not deserve this at all and if they are wild it only due to human ignorance.

  3. I am BEYOND horrified and sickened….disgusting HUMAN behavior!

  4. Most unnatural and most unwanted – they should take that guy and make him buck a bit.

  5. I attended a Rodeo for the last time over 17 years ago in my home town when a horse forced to buck fell and broke her neck. They drug her out of the arena with a tractor and acted like it was no big deal we took our small children out of the Rodeo and I refuse to ever go back. This is abuse! Thank you for all you do….

    1. Forgot to say the local paper reported that the horse broke her neck and was put down.

  6. Ellie Lopez-Bowlan · ·

    Plus…they torture them before they buck1

  7. that strap is tight around there kidney’s- it’s to make them buck because the truth is these horses are already broke horses for riding, there is a cut on it’s leg and this horse is a gelding not a mare, but it is cruel and unusual torture to make a horse do this for a crowd of people, we should do something to put an end to this crap, these horses are not wild and most of them when they get injured will end up at a slaughter house for human consumption because they can’t be made to buck like this if they are injured. Most of these horses can be sold to people that would love and take care of them and not do this to them. A sad world we live in where we can decide what is expendable and what is not.

  8. GASafeHorses · ·

    Hope the rider gets a crushed spine for doing this! One less “cowboy” to torment these poor horses. BOYCOTT ALL RODEOS!!!!

    1. I never go to rodeo’s because I feel that is supporting something that promotes animal abuse and I will not give my money to anything like that.

  9. When you save the photo and blow it up, it appears that this poor horse is a gelding. Also, there appears to be a deep cut on his right hind leg on the front of the hock. Perhaps this is bronc “training”?

  10. I’d like to know how this mare did after her jarring fall!!! She had to have slammed into the ground really hard, and hopefully nothing broke!! I’ve never seen a horse in this position before, and she had to have been really in a “flight for life” mode to put so much into this attempt to get that rider off of her back…..I’ll bet that before the abuse she was to nice to be a bucker and would have made a wonderful trail horse…. THIS photo looks like she’s bucking out of sheer terror………

  11. Anne Streeter · ·

    How can we condone such cruelty!

  12. jean robertson · ·

    The swelling or lump on the inside of the hind leg doesn’t look natural either. Anything goes to make a dollar.

    1. it’s not swelling or a lump it’s the way the shadow is on the leg that makes it look like something has happened.

  13. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    “Ya kids, he’s having fun”.
    Rodeo Mart… bucking straps priced for a reasonable $159.00 Ya ok, Asstards!
    I Wish those who promote and participate in this cruelty could be put in a round pen for a few days…. handcuffed and leg irons on….
    We could sit and watch in lawn chairs and throw them carrots!

    1. Barbara · ·

      A waste of carrots, how about nice fresh piles of manure?

  14. This is so cruel. Please stop it. Ride mechanical bulls if you must, but please, leave the animals alone and stop the suffering.

  15. Janet · ·

    Just wrong!! I don’t understand how people can sit and cheer at a rodeo.

  16. Debbie · ·

    Yeah, this is just so not right, all for our entertainment and money for the few, disgusting….

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