Toronto city council unanimously passes motion in support of Bill C-322

Grof horses going to slaughter

A few weeks ago, the CHDC posted an item regarding Councillor Michelle Beradinetti’s push to have Toronto Council agree to a Motion in support of the federal Private Members’ Blll C-322 – An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption). 

 The significance that Canada’s largest city adopted this Motion cannot be understated. The Motion recommends the Government of Ontario to prohibit the sale, movement and shipment of horses for the purpose of slaughter.  This would stop the sale of horsemeat at markets and restaurants, as well as ban the shipment of horses through Ontario, which is a major avenue for transport from the U.S. to Quebec slaughter plants.  The sale of horses to kill buyers at OLEX and other livestock auctions would end.  It would also provide the impetus for other provinces to follow suit, thus implementing the ban province by province.

We can now tell you that Toronto City Council has passed her Motion!

Thank you to Councilor Beradinetti and all supporters who emailed Toronto Councillors with their letters of support.

The Motion (MM36.14) calls upon both the Ontario provincial and (Canadian) federal governments to adopt Bill C-322.

Below are links to Councillor’s Beradinetti’s Motion.  The report.  The report in PDF format.

The CHDC is once again requesting your help in persuading both levels of government the need for adopting Canada’s anti horse slaughter bill.

PROVINCIALLY, your letters of support for Bill C-322 can be directed to your Ontario MPP and/or all MPPs who can be found here.

Please do include the Premier of Ontario and Ontario’s Minster of Agriculture, the Hon. Kathleen Wynne ( in your emails and letters.

FEDERALLY, your letters of support can be directed to your MP and/or all MPs here.

Contact for federal officials as well:

Hon. Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Tel:  613-995-7080
Fax: 613-996-8472

Mr. George Da Pont, President, Canadian Food Inspection Agency 1400 Merivale Rd., Tower 1, Floor 6, Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9

Tel: 613-773-6000
Fax: 613-773-6060

Dr. Ian Alexander, Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada, CFIA

Tel: 613-773-7472
Fax: 613-228-6637

Dr. Martine Dubuc, Chief Food Safety Officer, CFIA

Tel: 613-773-5722
Fax: 613-773-5797

The CHDC would like to thank you all for your continued support of Bill C-322.

If you would like to thank Councillor Beradinetti for bringing forth her Motion to Toronto Council, please email her here. (


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    HI Jo Anne Ward, After I meet with MPP Taras Natyshak NDP Rep. for the riding of Essex I definitely will post what transpired in our conversation. Unfortunately I mailed all the post cards I ordered, however I believe they are being revised and will be available this Fall. I still have nine T Shirts left, and I will mail you two at no cost. I need to know where to mail them. My phone # is 519 738 2881

    1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Thanks Dennis…I sent you email, sorry for the delay.
      I was visiting with mosquitos at Lake Huron. Your T-SHIRTS ARE AWESOME!
      They say it all! With every shirt worn, more Canadians know and will support Bill C-322…
      And they are!!! I have written Councillor Beradinetti as well.
      Thanks again Dennis.

  2. Posting this on Conservative Mp Bruce Stanton’s facebook page…he has always supported horse slaughter….sending emails & signing petitions does work when we all work together.

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    When I read the Toronto Star article about Councillor Beradinetti motion to support Bill C322 I wrote to her wishing her success in such an IMPORTANT initative. Along with my letter I sent her one of the Horse protest T Shirts I have had made up. As for Premier Wynn, I have written her twice in the recent past around the potential for breeder regulation in Ontario as well as the transport of U.S. slaughter Horses on Ontario highways. Unfortunately the Premier has seen fit not to reply to my concerns. I have since written to the N.D.P. MPP. Taras Natyshak for my area asking that he take the time to meet me to discuss the potential for breeder regulation in Ontario and U.S. truckers transporting live Horses on Ontario highways to slaughter in Quebec.
    Thankyou Councillor Beradinetti for your successful iniative as this is a HUGE step forward in efforts to stop this BARBARIC and CORRUPT industry. Lets all write our Provincial Ontario MPP

    1. Marie Dean · ·

      Great work Dennis!! Continuing to reach out and speak to MPP’s, Premier, MP’s, Prime Minister – that is what we have to do! Thanks Dennis, you are a doll. You are a very hard worker and I thank YOU for caring and for putting an effort in to help the horses. Success CAN be achieved when we work hard at the goal!

    2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Dennis, I would be happy to pay for a couple of Tshirts and some Bill C-322 postcards, with summer petitions due date….if that is something your doing again….I wish I had of ordered them before.
      I’m interested to hear response from Taras Natyshak to you regarding
      ‘ potential of breeder regulation in Ontario’. One particular Horse Rescue told me… that in all the years…. they have been pulling horses out of kill pens, only 1 (Ontario) Breeder actually agreed….to take a horse back to his farm. Only 1.
      Another issue, as dogs, cats and horses are companions, why are we paying taxes on horses as livestock.
      There is a lot wrong…And this
      NDP: OLG Revamp Should Allow for Real Future for HorseRacing
      Recently, I called a Vet/Breeder to tell him about a formerly owned TB of his being in feedlot. I was thinking… maybe/shouldn’t he do something about it ( like..say …I don’t know…go get her out? or perhaps send a needle at least…but apparently…. nope…” 63 Broodmares currently at the farm …and $ times are tough”….Ya, typical….the norm….
      Factory farm Horse Breeders, in my view are greedy minded and evil/corrupt partners with politicians who support ‘ Canada’s Dirty Little Secret ‘

      1. Hi, Jo-Anne. We still have the postcards but they’ll be undergoing a re-design in time for the Fall sitting of Parliament so we’ll be asking horse supporters to start sending them in again.

  4. Also, remember to keep those petitions coming!

  5. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Yep, Great progress for sure…Many petitions for Alex… come this September. Also, House of Commons PC John Carmichael was given my email correspondence from…. our now… Premier Kathleen Wynne, several months ago…back when both of them represented Don Valley West. ….I’m sure he would like to have lots of letters for extra reading too on these warm breezy days. TB horse owner Eugene Melnyk scaled back his breeding program (so he says). I think he is still pouting about Ottawa City Council recently turning his bid down, to own some of that OLG revenue stream via Carlton Rideau Raceway.
    And yes, more letters…..I’m pretty sure there’s a few kids sitting around this summer, more than willing to help our cause here too….Spread the word.

  6. Barbara Griffith · ·

    This is the best thing that could have happened in Canada. If it can be stopped there it will force a stop in the US. Because the crooked lobbyist that bribe the equally crooked US Senate to never bother to bring up any anti-horse slaughter bill that has ever been introduced in congress will have lost. This will help to stop some of the US states from jumping in and starting up horse slaughter in the US again. One thing too is the fact that the EU has banned the importation of US horse meat to the EU countries. As far as is known the USDA has made no effort to protest the ban. But there has been no ban on Canada shipping US horses that they slaughter to the EU countries. Which is strange to say the least. There is also the problem of Mexico doing the same thing as Canada by shipping horse meat from horses shipped from the US to be slaughtered in that country for shipment to the EU countries. In Mexico we are right back to square one.

  7. Mary ann · ·

    Can’t tell the Canadians how important this step is to take a stand and change laws to protect the America’s horses. This will directly impact the horses from South America to Canada. I am so grateful to Councillor Michelle Beradinetti and her supporters for making a change and standing strong. Please write letters of support to the Federal level and push to have this change Nationally. Our horses lives depend on your help.

  8. nice – but it means nothing….send in the letters folks to the MP’s….and keep sending them in.


  10. As an American who is spending all of my time fighting to stop Horse Slaughter, I send you my greatest respect and appreciation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of the hearts of the those horse victims who will not die a horrendous and tortuous death at the hands of the killers.

  11. Zephr · ·

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.

  12. Debbie · ·

    OMG, this is JOYOUS NEWS, Congratulations to all in Canada!!!! YES……… Now it has to go to the Federal GOV body???? Oh my goodness my fingers are crossed and double crossed….. 🙂

  13. Anne Streeter · ·

    Absolutely fantastic news!


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