Global TV – Animal Welfare Advocates protest animal deaths at Calgary Stampede

Global News reports on Stampede deaths and animal welfare advocates who are protesting the Stampede.

Please view it here.



  1. The word Stampede says it all….whenever there is a stampede…animal or human……there is always DEATH!

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    What else can anyone expect from a Province who supports Bouvry Export a seedy enterprise who slaughter Horses for that all mighty dollar, then ship this drug tainted meat to Europeans to consume, and as well also support crating live Horses to ship to Japan by air where they to are slaughtered for human consumption. The most outrageous part of this issue Stephen Harper sits in the COLLUSEUM and applauds this spectable of cruelty and provides Canadians tax dollars to advertise this event. Let’s all not forget to cast our vote next federal election for any so called Honourable Politican who supports this disgraceful event.

  3. If one can so easily hurt animals, next is people………

  4. Debbie · ·

    Yeah, there is NO EXCUSE for animals dying for what entertainment, that is NOT entertainment, just like here it was filmed a guy shocking a horse before he came out of the shut and died after the rider was bucked off, and they at the rodeo said the horse was not shocked, instead of telling the truth this makes it even worse you can clearly see the device, all of it there and in the US it is just shameful…… GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL go get’um………..

    1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

      It’s time for a new world order, one that includes, the banning of all animal abuse in any form. Democracy should rule.

      I watched poor Duke get shocked! Do they think we can’t see them! And the poor horse at the Reno rodeo! The corporate thugs are shocking every animal they have in their bloody shows.

      Keep protesting!

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