Calgary Stampede protest

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Saturday July 13 & Sunday July 14
12:00 noon
Victoria Station LRT

Another contestant enjoys his day at the Stampede

Another contestant enjoys his day at the Stampede

Please attend the peaceful protests to stop the animal suffering and carnage at the Calgary Stampede today or tomorrow afternoon. You just need to show up. Signs are supplied. Thank you!


  1. Heather · ·

    thank you everyone for protesting….wish I could be there

  2. I attended both Saturdays and it was awesome! Today the newspapers and television stations showed up. One of the protesters was punched in the face on Friday night and one of the protest signs was picked up and thrown away. We all know that the yahoo cowboys are violent lot as they kill animals, now they’re taking shots at us. We’ll see if anyone does a story about that.

  3. Debbie · ·

    I wish I lived around there cause I would be there in a heart beat, YOU GO EVERYONE !!!!!!!

  4. Zephr · ·

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    A never ending stroking of human ego causes yet another death. Ban the Calgary Stampede. Put and end to the suffering.

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