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The following was originally published July 15, 2012

Chad Harden crash 2012

Chad Harden crash 2012

NOW BEFORE WE GET STARTED, I know what you’re thinking: I’m about to piss all over history. I’m going to take a storied pastime from our frontier past and piss all over it. I’m going to ignore the virtues of the sport, its excitement, rich symbolism and cultural relevance and I’m going to gather all the lunch wagons rigged to Thoroughbred horses and I’m going to piss all over them.

Well you’re almost right.

I’m going to do all of that.

But I won’t piss on a single horse.

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Also, the Calgary Sun reported on “Wild Pony Races”.

This event involves 3 kids (8-12 yo) terrorizing a wild pony in an attempt to ride him/her. Not only is it cruel and traumatizing to the previously unhandled pony, but it is teaching our society’s young that this is an acceptable way to treat animals for the sake of entertainment. Why is this allowed to continue?!

Photos of this “event” and others can be seen on their site here.


  1. sigh. The picture of the kid taking a “nasty fall” in the junior steer riding? Does anybody else wonder if the parents enjoy watching their kids get their necks broke?

  2. Zephr · ·

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.

  3. Nancy · ·

    How can we ever stop this abuse…to all human kind…to each other…when we are still abusing the voiceless, captive animals????? Life is life period! Make the connection… ❤ veganism

  4. V Fisher · ·

    I emailed several pictures of that event to the Calgary Humane Society this morning and asked for it to be banned. No response yet. Everyone should be emailing CHS and asking for the same thing. Calgary Stampede should be charged with animal abuse for holding the event, but frankly they hold it every year and absolutely nothing is done about it.

  5. Heather · ·

    What brutality. This is such a bad lesson to teach young children as they will grow up becoming abusers themselves. It is time that the majority of Canadians who are against this cruel show starts letting our voices be heard very loud and clear that enough is enough. Add insult to injury our PM comes from the west which doesn’t help us either.

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