Lost in the Wild – Documentary on Alberta’s Wild Horses

Donations to complete the film are needed!

Lost in the Wild clipIn a Province that sets international standards for the iconic symbolism of the Wild West lives a small herd of wild horses.  They call Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills home, sharing a piece of crown land with logging, oil and gas, and thousands of heads of cattle: three of the Provinces largest industries.  While annual government round-ups see them sent to slaughter for foreign meat markets, science and advocates argue they are an endangered native species.

With only 750 wild horses remaining and a fate engulfed in controversy, this film embarks on a compelling journey and asks us:  Is there a place in Canada’s future for a heritage animal from our past?

Told through a collective voice, Lost in the Wind includes interviews and information concerning all sides involved.   From the professor who provides irrefutable proof of their ‘native’ status to the government officials who view them as invasive.  The purpose of this film is to address all perspectives, providing the viewer with the fact-based information required to make an informed personal conclusion about an urgent situation.

Please continue reading here to see how you can help and to see a clip of this important film.


  1. Zephr · ·

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  2. Maggie Frazier · ·

    Unhappily, the Canadian government – like the US government, feels the horses aren’t worth saving. Nor is the land where they live apparently. Too bad their heads are up where they are – just cant see whats in front of them. How sad, these little bands of 750 horses are in the way of so-called progress. Well both the US & Canada are progressing all of us right out of our own public lands.


    The government, like our government uses the term invasive species because they view them as a commodity…a free source of meat…they don’t even view them as alive. If we weren’t so toxic, they’d eat us too.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      You are so right Terri!!

  4. Penny Sproule · ·

    I don’t understand if these horses are not bothering anyone and they have been there for hundreds of years. Please leave them alone. Where is our Prime Minister. These are poor defenseless animals. I think that if you have a roundup and maybe try to sell off the babies to good horse people and then let the older horses go back to the land as they do down in Chincoteague Island in the States. They have a roundup every year and they take the money and use it toward fixing up the island or for good. I am sure the Alberta Government can do the same if they put their minds to it. Thankyou

  5. Barbara Griffith · ·

    These wild horses live in vast area just like the mustangs in the US. They feed themselves, spread seeds in their dung that helps to reseed the grasslands, don’t eat the same grazing that cattle eat. They basically tend to their own business that they have been doing for millions of years until mankind came along and decided that they should be removed from the thousands of acres of woods and grasslands that is their home, all for a few bucks.

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