Killer from above: sky lanterns deadly to horses


They look pretty in the air but when they land, sky lanterns can be deadly.

patrick - sky lanterns - horsetalknzAs well as the fire risk when they land, the component parts of the lanterns can be ingested by livestock and horses causing serious internal injuries and even death.

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sky lantern


  1. unbelievably stupid….but i think releasing baloons is stupid and irresponsible also

  2. Whenever I see an event with people launching these lanterns, I always wonder where they land and if they’ve been responsible for starting any fires. Sure they’re pretty, but I wish they would ban them. I’m sure they’ve caused more issues than the ones that make the news. I never considered that the components could be eaten by animals though!

    1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Ya ..I remember being a kid at a concert, a long time ago at Rich Stadium in New York…
      Thousands and thousands of Balloons floating in the sky and me thinking…hmmn where will they land….The opening of Calgary Stampede with Fireworks ( practically set off under one poor horse’s butt) was of course, another Brilliant (lol) move by the Rodeo Yahoos….
      With the ‘Made in China’ pretty looking Sky…light…Lanterns, the wire in them looks to be about the size of a basketball hoop rim…but the warning label mentions…not a toy for children

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