Drop the pot jokes, Calgary, and reform your rodeo

Great OPED from Peter Fricker of the Vancouver Humane Society and kudos to the Calgary Herald for printing it.

Peter Fricker, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cdn Geo Traveler_CoverThe Vancouver Humane Society’s annual campaign concerning the Calgary Stampede rodeo elicits some interesting comments in emails and letters from Calgarians.

A staff favourite is: “Leave it alone, you self-righteous, tree-humping, granola-swilling, flannel-wearing, jack-ass hippies.”

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  1. Well said: all that made a comment, thank you for speaking up for our four legged friends.Bless all of you……

  2. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    Who says the Calgary Stampede represents the values of Canadians? Not this Canadian anyway. This disgusting spectacle reminds me of the ancient romans’ love for killing and abusing animals for the entertainment of the unenlightened.

    1. Jean, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

  3. Indeed all great comments as well a great article!! Remember the Calgary Stampede is just ONE (pro- rodeo) going on during the summer! So, all that abuse, torture & in many cases crippled or dead animals take place – at rodeos NOT ‘well known’ (amateur) or that have ‘eyes’ everywhere! NOW that is really sickening & sad. If anyone attends or knows someone attending & see or take a picture of any abuse etc., please (expose) report it!!

  4. Noticing abuse and torture of animals always ticks off those who enjoy it and engage in it. Saying something about the insanity of the behavior really gets to the abusers.

    Domestic violence is directly related to animal abuse and maybe these angry crazies should be told about their propensity to violence, too. We have the same types here in the US. We know what they are: worthless, sick bullies.

    They typically have no background with horses and no ability to do anything useful with them. They don’t have the testicular fortitude to take on a real challenge. They are also unlikely to pay bills, especially child support. They may or may or not have histories as petty criminals. They tend to not be the most successful in relationships, of course.

    They do get a kick out of getting any attention for any reason. Generally, those who feel threatened by concerns over abuse are most likely to be cowards and very lonely, unhappy people.

    Perhaps those who are forced to respond to these bizarre insults should suggest that these troubled individuals get professional help.

    By the way, these responses only indicate the real need for more professional counselors for these individuals. Why not have a booth at the Stampede specifically for this group?

  5. The international publicity generated by the Calgary Stampede reflects on Alberta in the same manner that bullfighting reflects on Spain.
    As the old-time circuses have been pushed aside by new generation presentations such as Le Cirque du Soleil and Cavalia, it’s time for Albertans to re-invent their image. This they can easily do by showing respect for the animals that have served them so well. That said, the Stampede no more represents Canada than the commercial seal hunt does – and this to our profound embarrassment.

  6. Anne Streeter · ·

    Kudos to Peter Fricker and the Vancouver Humane! They stand on guard for all of us who abhor so many of the animal abusing events at the Calgary Stampede. Every year animals suffer and most years animals die – all for human amusement. As a Canadian, this is absolutely nothing to be proud of!

    1. Heather · ·

      well said Anne and I agree completely…if they don’t want anyone’s opinion, other than a Calgarian, then they shouldn’t state that the Calgary Stampede represents Canada!!

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