Visit an MP this summer!

Mare and foal - feedlot - Oct 2012

Mare and foal – feedlot – Oct 2012

As a reminder, only two things will end horse slaughter in Canada, the market ending in Europe and Japan or the passage of Bill C-322.  This summer your MPs should be available to all constituents enabling you to meet with them to educate them about horse slaughter.  Only by engaging your MP about slaughter will you be able to change their minds.

On the same subject of MPs, the Toronto Star’s Tim Harper has an excellent column today titled “Decide today to demand courage from your MPs”.

I’ll be calling on mine, will you?

Also, we still need petitions to show Parliament that the majority of Canadians want slaughter and the live export of horses for same ended so, please keep them coming!


  1. We have heard that the CVMA, Animal Welfare Committee, is reviewing ‘humane slaughter’ . Letters and emails should be sent attn: to the Committee that only a veterinary-assisted euthanasia is a humane ending for a horse.

  2. Marie Dean · ·

    Fabulous article!! I just sent this to my MP Diane Finley who has been extremely disrespectful and has NOT given me the time of day to discuss horse slaughter. I have been asking her for a meeting for 2 years now – is that not a disgraceful Conservative Member of Parliament?!?!

    I just sent her this link and shared my own personal “tell them” which is “Tell them to GROW UP and support Bill C-322 because Canadians WANT horse slaughter in this country to end”!!!

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