“Offal” Foodies Wear Badge of Shame

Posted on June 30, 2013 by heatherclemenceau

french-horse-eaterFoodies,  food groupies,  or foodniks.  Quelle horreur!  When I hear these terms, it makes me cringe.  I’ve come to be repulsed by it,  because nowadays it’s associated with “gourmand” or “epicure,”  and while these are not negative terms,  most actual foodies are now clearly associated with foie gras,  pigs feet,  octopus,  sweetbreads (or offal), and of course,  horsemeat.

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  1. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you Heather…honesty seems to be a rare and precious commodity.
    Humans are good at ‘spinning’ the truth.

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