Processing Advocate Admits Defeat, For Now

June 24, 2013 – by Steven Long


Horse slaughtered at Richelieu Meats

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – In a statement to supporters, horse slaughter gadfly Dave Duquette all but admitted defeat after committees in both houses of Congress stripped funding from bills that would pay federal meat inspectors in horse slaughterhouses.

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  1. eva schneider · ·

    it is all about money—sick people

  2. Debbie · ·

    Those two are a disgrace to this country , such lies even in this article well I would expect that, they are very deceitful corrupt individuals, that have one thing and one thing only that they want to help EACH OTHERS GREED And MONEY for both, SO SICK… WE still have to fight cause stopping it here is not even close to being enough we have to stop it ALL, NOW we all have had enough of this atrocity ……

    1. Frosty Smith · ·

      Well said Debbie it is NO to horse slaughter of our American horses they are our friends companions and they do have feelings they need to be classified as pets. It is all about greed and $$$$$$$ for them people!

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