OLEX breed numbers – June 11, 2013

Kind old draft discarded - OLEX 2009

Kind old draft discarded – OLEX May, 2009

In addition to the cold numbers that are here, the following are “from the heart” observations of those great advocates who courageously attend the auction every week.

OLEX Report for TUESDAY, June 11, 2013 ____________________________________________________

WE DO OUR BEST TO PRESENT AN ACCURATE REPORT EACH WEEK. There is a lot going on each week, and horses are traded after the sale, as well as horses may be purchased by kill buyers and purchasers for private individuals. If you see anything that is wrong with the report, please message us and we will correct it. Thank you.



Approximately 19 horses- went to one KILL BUYER/HORSE TRADER

Approximately 19 horses, 1 mule and 1 donkey -went to a PURCHASER who buys for the KILL BUYER/ HORSE TRADER and other HOMES

TOTAL- Approximately 38 horses possibly went to slaughter

I want to explain “possibly went to slaughter”- these kill buyers/dealers do sell to other purchasers, inform other rescues, and feedlot dealers before they do go to slaughter, and may switch the horse to a different person after the auction if a deal is reached. As well, there are people who purchase for kill buyers as well. I will call them purchasers.

What do purchasers do- they represent and bid for different clients. They may bid for themselves and operate as dealers as well, they may bid for private individuals, they may buy for other dealers if a person is unavailable to attend, and they may buy for kill buyers. While they may buy for various people, it can be hard to know exactly who these horses were initially purchased for.

7 horses went to dealers who may be purchasing for private homes

9 horses went to homes during the sale

There was 1 MEAT ONLY horse today
__ _____________________________________
5 Belgians
2 Clydesdales
4 Percherons
1 Canadian
1 Clydesdale Cross
1 Crossbred
6 Quarter Horses
4 Paints
1 Thoroughbred
18 Standardbreds
2 Arabians
3 Ponies
2 Minis
4 Unknown/Other- this had I had a hard time identifying but was a thoroughbred or standardbred
PRICING- Average price was $0.30 a pound (when using pricing for all horses sold by the pound). Highest priced horse sold by the pound was $0.60 a registered Canadian broke to ride and drive who went to a purchaser. Cheapest horse sold by the pound was for $0.05 a pound for a registered quarter horse stud who went to a killbuyer.
BAILEY’s Story of the Day- Chestnut crossbred gelding went for meat only today, sweet face and all.
I think what gets me the most, is the call out meat only, and they take the horses halter, and prance him around like they’re showing him off to the kill buyers.
What do they need to see? You have the horses weight. Taking healthy sound horses just to get money in their pockets.
Sad day today, so many beautiful horses, not waiting here for a home.

LAURA’s Story of the Day- Today there were lots of great horses at OLEX. From the pretty STBs to the big Belgians, the mini pony with her baby, and the many other horses there. Many horses with potential, some got homes, more were not so lucky. Today there were a few that stuck with me. One was a big Belgian mare, sweet as can be. I was standing outside her pen looking at something else and all of a sudden this giant nose was against my face.  She was the sweetest thing and very luckily got a home.

Another one was a black STB that was behind another horse in the pen but wanted to say hello. So it stretched its face over the other horse’s butt and it just looked silly with its face squished on the bum of another. There was also quite a few registered horses and even one from a riding program that “just didn’t have a use” for him anymore. This is sad as no horse is without purpose and there were many there that would probably do anything you asked them but they are yet again thrown away, onto the big scary truck, off to their doom. I’m glad the ones that got homes did, but will always remember those who don’t. If I could dip into my college fund and had the space many would be coming home with me.

NICOLE`s Story of the Day- Today was a little overwhelming, so many horses! There were many things that stuck out to me today but the one that most stuck out was a beautiful gelding. I saw him before the auction and he stuck his head over the rail to nuzzle me. When he went through the ring he was following the person in the ring around like a puppy dog, even though he didn’t know her. He was broke to ride as well.  The highest bidder -a kill buyer, what a waste.  There seemed to be so many broke quiet horses today that went to kill buyer’s and purchasers for kill buyers.  It broke my heart.

JENN’s Story of the Day- I would love to be able to go every week and bring them all to safety… I would love to even bring one more to safety every week. But when you are full, you are full. I promised myself JLC would never need to be a rescue needing rescuing. We have 5 horses needing homes, so we can open space for more needing help. If things don’t change, if laws are not put into place to protect horses, this is NEVER going to end. More people need to speak up, more people need to get petitions signed, more of those with voices need to become voices for those who do not speak.

It doesn’t just start at the auction, the auction and slaughter is just part of the symptoms. It starts with over breeding and owners not taking responsibility for their horses. Too many horses- not enough compassionate and caring humans looking after them. Yes, situations change, but this does not describe why a majority of these horses are ending up at auctions and for slaughter- it is because of GREED.

Stormy, Dolly, Chelsea, Xylia, and Baby Girl all need homes. We are working on pictures, information, and everything else you need to know about these wonderful horses. And if you are looking, and we do not have what you are looking for, please let us know! We know of lots of horses needing homes… if only we could help them all…
We will go and bid for you if you cannot make it.
VOLUNTEER WANTED!!! If you are able to help with your time, horse items, hay, fostering, or money towards helping a rescue horse, please contact us. Want to get away from the city and learn about animals and have fun? Send us a message! I am sure we can help with that  J

If you or someone you know is looking for a horse, please send us what the specifications are, and we will help you find that special horse, and you will be saving a life as well :0)

And why not offer a horse a home BEFORE they end up at an auction. Look on Kijiji, Horse Trader Magazine, Equine Now, Horsetopia, Trentriders and other internet sites and newspapers- there are lots of horses being offered for FREE and for less money than auction pricing.


If you need a home for your horse, please use these sites as well as contact your local rescues and horse people. Word of mouth may be your horse’s best chance. Please check references, feel free to use our contracts and screening forms available on our website, take pictures with the person who is taking your horse, write down license plate numbers of both the vehicle and trailer, and driver’s license info, take pics of the people loading your horse, ask lots of questions, and trust your instincts if something feels “off”. The more info you have, the better chance you have in getting a great home. Ask horse people and rescues if they have heard of the person who wants your horse. Google their name and phone number, you may be surprised in what you find!

Every auction has the risk of having kill buyers at it.
If you do send your horse, please put a reserve bid on them.  At least higher then meat price, which will bring the odds down. We would suggest a minimum of $0.50 a pound.


  1. Patty Hamilton · ·

    Thank you for your information on these horses. If you were not there reporting, the people interested in what actually happens to horses at auctions would not know. I just wish that more people could take these trained horses, including myself. I only have one horse but I would be heart broken if she ever went to slaughter. I’ll keep her close to the end of her natural life. My mare is a gem.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I hope the little mini with the foal was bought by someone that wanted her for a pet. I can’t imagine how anyone could sell her like that. If they didn’t want to keep her don’t breed her. It’s possible she came from a breeder. They are just as bad as the other over- breeders. It just makes me mad, even with the length of time I have been in this slaughter fight in the US I’d still like to sock’um one to the nose for doing this.

  3. Peppermint · ·

    our second rescue was sold cents per pound at New Holland PA slaughter auction. Fortunately for us rescues pulled him and we now have a beautiful OTTB full of personality! What a waste that this continues. From now on all of my horses will be rescues.

  4. Polopaula · ·

    Thanks for this. It helps this advocate in Texas to be reminded why the Ban on the slaughter of US horses is so
    Important. It is sad but energizing to hear of the individual horses. Thank you all

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