Toronto Councillor – addendum

The other day we linked to a Toronto Sun article regarding a councillor who is sticking up for horses.  We have an addendum to the article with some helpful links for you to use should you wish to contact any of the Toronto councillors.

Please click here for the addendum.


  1. We had contacted all the councillors and had quite a few positive responses. Councillor Michelle Berardinetti motion passed.

  2. Thanks CHDC for doing all the hard work. I’ve sent letters to all Councillors and the Mayor, and added my own comments at the bottom. As above, got automatic responses only so far.

  3. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Non aux abattages de chevaux , non à la viande de cheval

  4. I have already sent emails to all on the list from the first article & received many auto responses. Only “Josh” sent a reply that had more substance than the rest. Thank you for doing all the leg work. Sharing, twittering & sending emails.

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