Can We Regulate Horse Slaughter Into Extinction?


Written by:  Laura Bell (reproduced with permission)

Artwork by: Yahena Pasha

If horse slaughter continues, and if slaughterhouses that slaughter horses re-open in the United States, and to PREVENT taxpayers from paying even ONE PENNY for inspections by the USDA, here is a list of requirements I put together that would close a lot of loopholes for people in the slaughter business so they would NOT be able to continue to operate unethically and illegally.

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  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Jean, it is not complicated, unfortunately Ritz, CFIA and lets not forget Canadas control freak are well aware of the fact you mentioned, providing tainted Horse meat for human consumption. There is a logical reason why Ritz, CFIA and slaughter house owners WILL NOT make EID AVAILABLE TO MEDIA so they can be challegened, nor provide documents as to the percentage of carcases tested in relation to the number of animals killed as like you said it is CRIMINAL and to add insult to injury we as the Canadian PUBLIC ARE SUBSIDIZING this corrupt and barbaric industry with our tax money.

  2. That’s my point in the article…….ACCOUNTABILITY AND CONSEQUENCES, because the way it is NOW, NOTHING happens to these cheaters and they just keep dumping horses into the slaughter pipeline unabated.

    Dispel the lies they chant at “the uninformed, naïve general public” who of the 80% who are against horse slaughter in polls are also unfortunately most are not horse owners and/or involved with horses, so they will tend to believe the logic of “all those poor backyard people couldn’t keep their horses and also can’t afford euthanasia and disposal of the horses body, so what are they supposed to do with their horses if they can’t feed them anymore?”…..those of us “in the know” know it’s a bunch of crap and that the cheaters who dump thousands upon thousands of horses annually are the mass production “foal mill” breeders, the trainers who primarily train for racing, reining, cutting, reined cow horse, pre-green hunters, and now *gulp* even dressage (and it pains me to say that because I’ve been training in dressage since 1974 and until recently could still point to a certain level of “purity” of not ruining young horses by starting them in rigorous, repetitive training at a young age…..not anymore sadly enough) who start horses in “career training” as long yearlings and early-2 year olds to get them ready for the 2 and 3 year old high $$$ futurities, and then we have the big ranch breeding programs and in a drought year as we’re having now in the western states, ranches are dumping their broodmares, young stock and used up ranch horses by the dozens every week at kill sales and feedlots, and then their are the owners who own a lot of horses and often rely on their farm or ranch manager to dispose of horses and they either don’t know and don’t want to know their horses go to slaughter, or they do know and are fine with it.

    Quite simply, it is a racket and it has to stop (and it needs to STOP before all of we ANtI-horse slaughter folks are dragged into the whole thing and we would have to adhere to their rules and regs for food chain animals even though we would never ship a horse to slaughter), and one way to do that is make them PAY and abide by some LAWS and regulations, because the way it is now is not working and just like spoiled children, these cheaters need to have rules and regs and consequences when they don’t do what they are supposed to. Otherwise, without rules and laws, THEY WILL just keep “working the system” in place because it’s FREE.

    Laura Bell on Facebook at The Starlight Sanctuary.

  3. jean robertson · ·

    I just don’t see why it should be so complicated. Exporting knowingly toxic meat to another country for unsuspecting consumers to feed their families should be a criminal offence. To test less than 1% of the carcasses when 90% of the horses butchered have been given prohibited drugs and say the meat is fine is criminal.

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