Toronto City Councillor takes a stand against horse slaughter

By Don Peat
Toronto Sun, June 8, 2013

Toronto Sun - June 2013Councillor Michelle Beradinetti wants council to stand up against slaughtering horses for human consumption.  Please continue reading here.

Please contact Toronto city councillors, requesting that they support Councillor Michelle Berardinetti’s call for endorsement of Bill C-322:


  1. Marie Dean · ·

    In her motion, Councillor Berardinetti argues there “is no effective means of determining whether or not a horse sent to slaughter has received dangerous or prohibited substances.” “To both protect the human food chain and in recognition of the role horses have and do occupy in our society their sale for slaughter and human consumption should be banned,” she writes. Horse welfare advocates need to thank her for her words of wisdom.
    This motion will need two-thirds of council support for an immediate debate next week.
    So, I urge you to contact the Toronto mayor and councillors: Here is a list below of their email addresses. Please let them know how excited you are that they are about to decide on a very important issue to you that will help protect the horses with their support of Bill C-322.
    To help the mayor and councillors make an informed and educated decision, you could share with them in your email all or some of the links that we provided you in “Have a Discussion with your MP”. Here is the blog link:

    List of email addresses:
    Mayor, Rob Ford, must be contacted via separate online submission:

    Michelle Berardinetti:
    Paul Ainslie:
    Maria Augimeri:
    Ana Bailao:
    Shelley Carroll:
    Raymond Cho:
    Josh Colle:
    Gary Crawford:
    Vincent Crisanti:
    Janet Davis:
    Glenn De Baeremaeker:
    Mike Del Grande:
    Frank Di Giorgio:
    Sarah Doucette:
    John Filion:
    Paula Fletcher:
    Doug Ford:
    Mary Fragedakis:
    Doug Holyday:
    Norm Kelly:
    Mike Layton:
    Chin Lee:
    Gloria Lindsay Luby:
    Giorgio Mammoliti:
    Josh Matlow:
    Pam McConnell:
    Mary-Margaret McMahon:
    Joe Mihevc:
    Peter Milczyn:
    Denzil Minnan-Wong:
    Ron Moeser:

    Frances Nunziata:

    Cesar Palacio:

    David Shiner:

    Karen Stintz:

    Adam Vaughan:
    Kristyn Wong-Tam:

    As horse welfare advocates it is up to us to provide the decision makers with the truth and the facts about horse slaughter in this country. Thank you for speaking for the horses!

  2. Theresa Nolet · ·

    One could also send an email to Councillor Berardinetti to thank her as well. I did. Here is her email address, please take a moment and email her a thanks and a few facts about horse slaughter.

  3. Theresa Nolet · ·

    Comments are actually closed now ,but I am going to submit a letter to the editor, care to join me?

  4. Christine Murray · ·

    It’s great to see something/some giving to the valuable issues, (not like Mayor Tom Ford… laughing stock of TO. Thanks :o)

  5. Judging by the comments on this article it seems many people truly have become insensitive,cold and nasty!

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