Horses are pets too!

The horse needs a “Humane Society”

Come help the horses at the 2013 Poochie Power Walk in Cambridge, Ontario

923414_562967870422439_1089900579_nDrop by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition booth and see why horses are in need and how to help.

RAFFLE DRAW to win a chance for your pet to be featured in the 2015 Cambridge Humane Society Calendar

All proceeds will go to further the CHDC’s mission to protect and defend the horses of Canada from abuse, neglect and slaughter.  If you would like to volunteer to help out at the CHDC booth please contact Deborah at   For more details on the event please go here.

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  1. Marie Dean · ·

    Fabulous Deborah! Thanks for all you do to help bring awareness, gather signatures for the petition, and help raise funds to assist the CHDC to continue to campaign to end horse slaughter. You are the greatest!!

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